perception of infidelity

Sven 2022-04-20 09:01:43

The portrayal is very delicate, showing the character of the protagonist, as well as the psychological dynamic to the behavior, the story is simple and clear, the married woman is a housewife after marriage, and her life is dull and boring, when a young handsome man is domineering and domineering. Entering her small world, the sweet words poured into her heart and made the flame of her love ignite again. She wanted to escape this sweet trap and remember her family, but men are in love and know women too well, and she is gentle with men. And domineeringly caressed and collapsed, cheating is a drug, knowing that it can't be done, and gradually indulging in it. And her husband, who is familiar with every move, frown and smile of his beloved wife, the wife's beautiful face has become more charming under the precipitation of the years, and the figure is even more protruding and backward, and only God's pity, and now the wife has a strange behavior , put on young and sexy clothes and went out, no longer doing housework at home but talking on the phone for a long time, sometimes distracted, his wife's dry lies and subordinates' words made this husband who trusted his wife panic, he Let the private detective follow his wife, but the reality is in front of him. He has to believe that his wife who has been married for 11 years has cheated on a sunny and handsome man. He wanted to talk to the man about why his wife cheated, because he cared less or his life was not good enough? When he saw the messy bed and the secret gift he gave to his wife, but his wife gave it to the man, he killed the man angrily. After that, he panicked and dispose of the body hastily. And he will also face the end of jail or hiding. In fact, temptations in life are everywhere, and we need to learn to refuse, but if we make mistakes, we must be brave enough to bear them. In this story, the characters' personalities are distinct. The husband committed manslaughter and wanted to take the responsibility on his own initiative, while the wife typically wanted to avoid responsibility or make things trivial. In fact, it was reflected when she secretly cheated on her husband. She wants to cut off her unruly relationship secretly without her husband's knowledge, and then she can continue to maintain her original state of life, with a gentle and considerate husband and a lively and lovely son.

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  • Dana 2022-03-26 09:01:06

    The first half is very flirtatious. After the husband kills py, the story will be erotic and will not cause trouble. Treating the institution of marriage as the only virtue of absolute truth is the source of the disaster. Mature adults should have three partners at the same time, and form a family with one partner to maintain marriage and support each other in the interests of life. Talk about pure and beautiful love with another partner whose mind is in harmony with soul. A sexually pure relationship with a third partner who is biologically able to satisfy each other's desires. It's a pity, everyone is arrogant, and they overestimate themselves and can't see through each other. Both arrogant delusions satisfy three physical and emotional needs in the same person. How is this possible? So many contradictions and problems arose one after another. Unreal people are everywhere, unhappy love is everywhere. Human nature is fickle. Love the new and hate the old, seek stimulation, pursue freshness, and yearn for a young body. Suppressing desire and escaping temptation are cowards who torture themselves. Loyalty is just irrational thinking inertia. It is not supreme morality. Brave and sincere people dare to accept the fickle heart and make bold choices.

  • Karl 2022-03-28 09:01:03

    The last 40 minutes saw me in this torment. Wouldn't it be cool if the movie stopped at Connie's imagining that she didn't step into the little handsome guy's house? It turns out that Adrian Lane's contribution to film history is limited to near-perfect audio-visual language and scene-by-scene. A soul-stirring passion scene isn't enough? You're too greedy

Unfaithful quotes

  • Paul: Your eyes are amazing do you know that? You should never shut them, not even at night.

  • Connie Sumner: Be happy for this moment, this moment is you life.