One infidelity is not used for life, and every victim who can't let go is only touched by himself in the end!

Earline 2022-04-22 07:01:30

This woman is really cheap. She is not confused. She cheated on the fact that she knew clearly that she had a family, children and a husband who loved her. Slutty, slutty, whore, can fuck anywhere, she can talk about her husband, kids and family while cheating on her lover, it's shameless to the extreme!

How can such a woman have the face to say to her child, mother loves you? Is it because you gave birth to him? Does your cheating have nothing to do with loving your children? When you even forgot to pick up your child because of cheating, did you ever think about loving your child? Is love and responsibility not related?

How did you deceive your husband without changing your face, and still laugh so happily after you went crazy, do you think you regret yourself? Don't you find it ironic when the dog glanced at you? What is loyalty to you? Do you think you betrayed the family, the children, the good husband? You betrayed yourself! When you read the letter under the crystal ball, you should die if you have a conscience, but you don't, because you clearly know that you cheated, you are not forced, you are willing! What's more, you are like a prostitute with this desire before you have sex! Your husband is right, it's you who he wants to kill! What do your tears mean when you know your lover is dead? Reluctant?

Why do you want to destroy the family, why do you want to destroy the life of a family of three!

For the family, cheating is damned by anyone, male or female!

"I worked so hard for this family, and when someone just flirted with you once, you slept with someone else? Did you find love with someone else?" Selfishness is extreme, and the worst words should be used on cheaters ! Damn you!

For the victim, no matter how much you pay, you just touched yourself. For this kind of person, you really shouldn't even put yourself in it in the end. Only by letting go of yourself can you be redeemed! I know that it is difficult to suddenly deny the correctness of what I have paid for for many years, but in this life, for decades, if you let her go, you may still get something! Embarrassing yourself is really over!

Not worth it!

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