What are we talking about when we are talking about men and women?

Gayle 2022-04-22 07:01:30

Men and women think differently.

A man yearns for a distant place, but his heart is his hometown, and he always has nostalgia, so young and young are crazy, young people are tossing, middle-aged compromises, and everyone is kind in old age, because leaves fall back to their roots, and they have a family to fall back on.

Women go with the flow and take root easily. Everything is based on what they have or what they have lost to interpret life. They interpret the past, present and future. There is no constant standard for their understanding and comparison of things. Women's burden, because they can get what they can get, and their values ​​are so flexible that they can switch between beautifying life and uglifying life at will and believe the truth without bearing much psychological pressure.

In the two-person world, men seem to think straight and straight, but in fact they simplify the complex, directly prescribe the formula, and provide the answer.

It seems that women's duplicity is complicated and unpredictable, but in fact it is precisely the result of excessive pretense of single-line thinking.

This is why men are likely to be able to withdraw from temptation, while women are easily conquered by temptation and fall into the mud.

Men are carnivores, have a strong sense of territory, and know the power of principles through struggle and bloodshed.

Women are herbivores, live by water and grass, have a natural attachment to power, and have a natural adaptability to the environment. For them, principles do not have psychological binding force on them, so they are always irresistible to temptation.

The civilization created by empiricism did not trust women, so the empiricist Thatcher was blatantly opposed to women's participation in politics. This is very interesting. Their overflowing sympathy is easily stimulated, misled and exploited. It is not so much sympathy as it is the irresistible temptation inherited from Eve.

Men believe in religion, either by habit, or by suffering, or by deliberation.

A woman's belief in religion is either a habit, or suffering, or deceived by life, or seduced by fiction. Of course, the latter two are just different manifestations of the same process of mutual cause and effect. Since they have blindly followed the temptation of the outside world, now Her life is a deception to her; since she feels that life is just a deception to her, it means that she is ready to give up this life and follow the temptation.

Because temptation is itself a kind of stimulation and development of desire, a guideline for obtaining, a possibility of starting over.

So from Greece to Rome, from Rome to Germany, from Western Europe to the Far East, traditions can only be created and maintained by men, because everyone finds that women can only be restrained by regulations of awe-inspiring backgrounds such as ethics, law, and religion. Internalize constraints into instincts and habits.

Of course this is not discrimination against women, it is the defense of civilization.

The rise and fall of civilization has always been based on the growth and decline of people's morality, and cultivating people's morality requires the discipline, restraint and protection of custom ethics, institutional laws.

Discipline is like rowing a boat against the current. Once the bad example is opened, the situation worsens. All Euclidean liberation is a lack of reverence for the law of unintended consequences.

Customs and habits shape institutions and laws, institutions and laws discipline people's minds, adapt and prevent the natural weaknesses of cognition and emotion, suppress the heart of darkness, and promote the heart of light.

But when it comes to customs and habits, it means that one side of the water and soil to support the other person must eventually return to group and class, self and other, return to difference and pluralism, strong civilization and weak civilization, order export and import, center and periphery. But these things are naturally at odds with the culturalism of the kingly way and the universal egalitarianism of the white left.

The reason why the civilization of empiricism is evergreen lies in seeking common ground while reserving differences, emphasizing autonomy and coordination, emphasizing the middle way, emphasizing confrontation and balance, emphasizing equality before God and freedom under the law.

As far as biological evolution and social behavior are concerned, absolute freedom is nothing but savagery and loneliness. It is only suitable for cats, not for higher thinking animals. Therefore, human beings have never enjoyed absolute freedom, or, since the orangutan , there is no absolute freedom, intelligent animals will choose to live in groups, and living in groups must limit selfishness and coordinate public welfare, which is the opposite of absolute freedom. Therefore, absolute freedom is anti-human.

As for absolute equality, historical experience has proven that absolute equality can only arise from despotism and slavery, and can only produce tyrants or mobs.

Therefore, civilization is the coordination of emotion and reason, and order is the discipline of emotion and cognition. And all coordination begins with the union of the sexes, and all discipline begins with the family.

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