loyal to the heart

Clementine 2022-04-23 07:02:12

"Smart men and women keep changing themselves, changing the face of love, so that their opponents can keep falling in love with their new self; lazy men and women are busy breaking up and looking for new lovers; stupid men and women are concerned about responsibilities, children, family, etc. and their own hearts. The trivial things that are far away, stick to life, stick to each other, smile with wrinkles, and tears in my heart."

Whether you are smart or not, you must be worthy of your conscience, have your own integrity and bottom line, and no matter what you do, I hope you are the one who can sleep peacefully in the dead of night. You can't indulge yourself because of the ugly side of human nature, and you can't ignore the established facts and blindly pursue novelty. The biggest difference between humans and beasts is self-discipline.

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  • Major 2021-12-10 08:01:47

    Lust does not cause trouble. The marriage system is regarded as the only virtue of absolute truth, and this is the root of the disaster. Mature adults should associate with three partners at the same time, and build a family with one partner to maintain the marriage and support each other in the interests of life. Talk about a pure and beautiful relationship with another partner whose mind is in harmony with the soul. Establish a purely sexual relationship with a third partner who can physically satisfy each other's desires. It's a pity that everyone is arrogant, and they can't see through each other even if they overestimate. All arrogant delusions satisfy the three needs of body and mood in the same person. How is this possible? So contradictions and problems followed one after another. There are unrealistic people everywhere, and unhappy love everywhere. Human nature is fickle. To like the new and dislike the old, to seek stimulation, to pursue freshness and yearning for a young body, is instinct. Both men and women can't match the nature. Suppressing desires and avoiding temptation are cowardly cowards who are self-tortured. Loyalty is just the inertia of irrational thinking. It is not the supreme morality. Brave and sincere people dare to accept fickle hearts and make bold choices. Olivier is so handsome, he deserves to be of mixed blood from France, Spain and Morocco.

  • Vincenza 2022-03-26 09:01:06

    Lust is instinct. Even if the heroine got on the taxi, she would still come back to find the second man. Even if you don't find a second male, you are still destined to cheat and betray this marriage. Because the fundamental problem has not been solved. Is the male protagonist losing his sex appeal? Or is the heroine tired of the unchanging married life? Helpless people are really too greedy, they want everything, but often they can't keep anything. The movie made me reflect on marriage again, how to put all the things you expect in one person, material, spiritual, physical. But if you are not very sure that you will not betray each other in the days to come, and you are not willing to cheat on the same life, why should you marry each other? People can often expect and grasp only themselves. So why get married?

Unfaithful quotes

  • Tracy: Having an affair is nothing like taking a pottery class.

    Sally: Could be.

    Tracy: No. It would start out like that, and then, um, something would happen. Someone, uh, finds out, or someone falls in love, and it ends disastrously. It always ends disastrously.

  • Bill Stone: Wait. Wait a minute. You're telling me about family? Well, you don't know the first goddamn thing about it. Why don't you take a look at your own fucking family, Ed? Take a goddamn look at that.