Diane Lane has different levels of beauty in this movie

Melba 2022-04-23 07:02:12

Diane Lane likes "Under the Tuscan Sun" very much in the movie. In this movie, her beauty is gradually released. The slovenly mother who gets up early in the morning to handle housework is the daily version; she wears a trench coat and dress to go shopping in the city. It's the advanced version; wearing a tight-fitting dress with pointed-toe leopard-print heels is the advanced version; when you see the radiant smile and form she walks out of the movie theater with her little extra-marital boyfriend, it's clear why she's unfaithful. She is the most beautiful in this way, and even her hair reveals a charming and elegant side. This thin and tall figure is very attractive to me, and the flat belly is really the envy of women.

The movie is discussing reason and emotion. It is not only marriage and morality that shackles the heroine, but also her good-looking husband and son. Her friends have shown themselves that extramarital affairs are tragedies. And the eventual loss of control is inevitable in accidents. She and her husband are both errant people. They are bound to each other and comfort each other. Life is so difficult. The director is a master at telling stories and conveying emotions with details and atmosphere. The proper handling of details is a plus for the film. Finally, the arrangement of the vehicle in front of the police station is also very clever. The movie is to let the audience experience different life situations, and look at their own hearts. If I encounter such a situation, what should I do? The answer is in the heart.

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  • Verona 2022-04-24 07:01:07

    I originally thought it was unrealistic, the lover here was not attractive enough, and the original partner was too attractive. But in fact, this may be very realistic. The blandness and tediousness make people turn a blind eye to the charm of the other party. The tension and danger make even the ordinary physical entanglement full of peach color and hormones. Only human beings have written the requirement of loyalty into the social code, and the urge to steal the forbidden fruit is rooted in human genes earlier.

  • Jany 2022-04-24 07:01:07

    Movies watched in the vcd era, stories of cheating, loyalty and desire

Unfaithful quotes

  • Paul: Your eyes are amazing do you know that? You should never shut them, not even at night.

  • Connie Sumner: Be happy for this moment, this moment is you life.