Happiness and freedom for the self-disciplined

Destinee 2022-04-23 07:02:12

It's a tragedy, that is: destroying what is beautiful for others to see. . . And such tragedies may have happened in almost every country in the world, every moment. And there are similar literary works all over the world, such as French novels based on real events: Madame Bovary, Chinese novels "Pan Jinlian" in Water Margin, Russian novels "Anna Karenina", The modern movie "The Veil", as well as the Japanese TV series "Day Face" broadcast in 2018, and the novel "Paradise Lost" by Watanabe Junichi. . . All movies have the same ending: they all end tragically. In the movie, Martial told Connie the first time she met her, "Hurry up and don't let the wind blow you away." In fact, the wind is not destiny. It just blows people to the crossroads of destiny. It is up to you to decide which direction to go in the end. At this time, the test is the human xinxing and the most essential values ​​and wisdom accumulated in the past. If the heroine understands the traditional Chinese wisdom: "If you want people to be ignorant, don't do anything about yourself", "A gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall", understand that some desires are like high-voltage wires, like drugs, can't be touched, and use "three wins" (ie: I am good, you are good, the world is good) to think about the harm this matter will bring to other people in advance, or take the initiative to chat with your husband, express your desires and discuss how you can make the relationship change. Better than being overly optimistic about your own self-control, thinking that you can control the overall situation, then maybe such a tragedy will not happen. Sex and drugs stimulate the same parts of the human brain, so they can be addictive, but much less intensely. So when Connie's guilt for her behavior has outweighed the fresh and exciting pleasure brought by this behavior, especially when she found out that the little three men were flirting with other people at the same time, she stopped from the precipice, but unfortunately, it was too late. Therefore, never take chances and stay away from temptation. Only those who are self-disciplined can achieve long-term happiness and freedom!

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  • Hollie 2022-03-27 09:01:07

    Although the heroine is a bitch through and through..............but I have to say, she is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Alyson 2022-03-26 09:01:06

    Say hello to all your neighbors who can see this update? like an underground party

Unfaithful quotes

  • Paul: Your eyes are amazing do you know that? You should never shut them, not even at night.

  • Connie Sumner: Be happy for this moment, this moment is you life.