Wimpy husband and cheating housewife

Zelda 2022-04-23 07:02:12

Two or three, I can't remember.

The image of the perfect housewife set up in front of you will never cheat, but the title of the film is infidelity. .

I called the cheating object the male lead, and my first reaction was that my husband was not the male lead.

The opening scene of the wind was very good. In the end, there was actually a taxi before she went upstairs, but she chose to go upstairs; the mixed cut into the bathroom and kitchen of the other party's house was also very good, I liked it very much, many small details. Take the medicine bottle that fell into the toilet to flush - wash the cup, wipe the wound - the fire that boils the water: the burning pain.

After the second meeting, the heroine decided to leave soon and find her husband. God, a woman's psychology is really, she feels that she has done something wrong and needs to make up for her husband, so when she first saw her cheating partner, she took the initiative to have sex with her husband. After the second meeting, she bought something for her husband, and then took the initiative to go to the company. Looking for him, looking at the family photos displayed by the company, her husband really loves her, hey, what a man, rich and housekeeping.

The third time I went to the male protagonist, there was a relationship. In fact, the female protagonist was about to leave, but she forgot her clothes and was cut off by the male protagonist. The male protagonist said [there is no answer or not, only if you think or not] the female protagonist's memories of this matter afterward turned out to be tears and laughter, a very tangled emotion.

In order not to meet her husband at the station, she got off the bus first. The husband learned from his colleagues that his wife's previous behavior in the city was deceptive to him, and he was a little suspicious. The woman's psychology is really, she took the initiative to ask her husband if he wanted something to eat at night, and if he needed anything. I can fully understand this kind of psychology, just feel guilty, but the other party makes her unable to let go. Her husband asked her if she loved her, she said she did, but she turned her head and turned off the light, showing her guilty conscience, the details!

Then the heroine completely hooked up with the hero. The most spoof is this man, who has bad intentions, hooks up with married women, and marks the female protagonist's genitals with a pen.

Then the male protagonist asked the female protagonist to go out to dinner, but bumped into the two kissing that the female protagonist's husband's friend watched hhh, which was exciting. It's so funny, the heroine found the mark while taking a shower and wanted to wipe it off, but the hero came to play with two people in the water and laughed. The light in the bathroom began to flicker, as if the male protagonist turned off the light or turned on the light before. After the male protagonist and the female protagonist were intimate for a while, the female protagonist refused, saying that she was too cold and wanted to go to bed, and the male protagonist was left out. , the danger of being discovered for the first time is lifted.

Then the male protagonist found his wife's sexy underwear and newly bought leopard print high heels, and they had leopard print on them. This screenwriter is too experienced with cheating. It is estimated that she is a female screenwriter. The male protagonist proposed to bring the female protagonist into the city, watch her work, and accompany her to lunch. Originally, the female protagonist refused, but the male protagonist said that he could wait, but now he cannot refuse hhh. The heroine washed her face and lied to the hero that she wanted to do beauty treatments. Hahahahahaha is so funny. Hhh is so funny. The heroine didn't realize that her husband found out, so the husband called the beauty salon directly to confirm, then Presumably not, finally the male protagonist confirmed his suspicions.

It was so funny, then she met two of her own friends and wanted to go to the man's house but was stopped and went to the cafe. The woman called the man at the cafe and told him to wait for her. After a shot, cheating must be this kind of stimulation, otherwise I feel that the motivation to cheat is not enough.

In the conversation of the three women, an old woman said that she had been punished for cheating, which served as a warning to the heroine. The heroine began to want to get rid of the male lead, but she was deeply fascinated.

An employee who was fired by her husband, who was the one who found out that the hostess was cheating in the restaurant before, questioned him in a fit of rage [Tell me about family! Take a look at your family first! 】 A push mirror, the husband realizes that the heroine has cheated.

The husband asks a private detective to follow the heroine. The heroine becomes manic, has no complete control over family affairs and often makes mistakes. The male protagonist pretended that he was going on a business trip, but he was actually staying in a hotel and wanted the detective to follow the female protagonist. This guy is so miserable! As soon as she went out, the hostess got up and put on sexy underwear. The montage of the two of them was so cruel. It must have been discovered by private investigators. The heroine forgot to pick up her son because she fell in love, and this son is miserable enough.

But looking back, I feel that this heroine's derailment behavior is a bit too logical, a bit too fast, I feel as if I am dissatisfied with my life and think that my life lacks passion, and then I will soon fall into derailment, but I started to set The Perfect Housewife seems to love her husband and son so much, it's a little difficult to connect.

Then the heroine started smoking and crying, and it was a bit vulgar here. She began to blame herself, but she couldn't break free again. It was raining heavily, and the female protagonist hurriedly turned the steering wheel to find the male protagonist. She was on the verge of insane. At this time, she did not know that her husband had discovered the matter. The embarrassing thing is that she found the male protagonist at an unspecified time, only to find out that the male protagonist has other people messing around with, dizzy, scumbags and scumbags go together. What's even more amazing is that the cheating woman directly confronted her, only to be forced to bow by the male protagonist? ? ? How charming is this man, he knows he is cheating and still loves him, but he does have this type of person around him, and this kind of person has a very magical feeling. .

That husband, hey so cowardly, really, to be honest like someone around me. . . Looking downstairs and looking up, he hesitated to walk away. At this time, the female protagonist ran out of the building. The two missed the confrontation perfectly, and the husband came back to prepare to go upstairs to confront the male protagonist. The male protagonist let his brother into the house, hahahaha war between men. A knife on the table is given close-up. This husband is so cowardly, he keeps asking about the details of his cheating with the heroine and the heroine. . . Then I saw the messy bed and that crystal ball, I fainted, this heroine is really amazing. But in a trance, I remembered whether the heroine meant to be gone again. This husband is so stupid. Although he is rich and loves his wife on the surface, he is actually quite cowardly in his relationship. In the end, he also said that I felt uncomfortable, uncomfortable and uncomfortable. In the end, I accidentally smashed the male protagonist with a crystal ball. Such a fragile move killed him. . . Such a cowardly man would do wrong. . Hey why be so impulsive. As a result, the hostess left a message and called, and the good guy wanted to end the relationship, and the husband was simply doing a disservice.

The husband was about to transport the body, but the elevator was broken. A passerby asked if he wanted help, but he refused. The two madly pumping tissues are exactly the same. The two watched the children's performance together, and the heroine took the initiative to hold her husband's hand. He put the body in the trunk, and happened to be hit by someone else's car hhh, almost revealing the contents. But this husband is really brainless, it's really stupid. . . Throw the body to the dump. . Didn't he know there were garbage cleaners. . . . Cover it with other things. . . Can't you turn it over if you cover it up, brother? . Then wash the car and take a shower, do you think it will look brand new like this, bro. .

This time it was the husband who was mentally ill. This man is too fragile, really. . . I actually felt that he was so cowardly and really deserved to be cheated on. . . . Well I'm immoral again. Huh, the dead male protagonist of the good guy, it was his wife who reported the case, and there is even a estranged wife, who is still doing so much outside. . . . The police found a lot of crystal balls in his house. The husband has yet to tear his face with his wife, and has not discussed the matter publicly, so the wife thought he didn't know about it and kept hiding it.

Family party montage dump, this family relationship is like a dump, too much concealment, too much untrue, has completely lost trust, the husband does not say it is also because he does not trust his wife, he is worried that his wife will leave him, in short A manifestation of cowardice.

The police came again, thinking the woman was a suspect, and the husband tried to defend his wife. This husband is also very bad. He has been letting his wife suffer from this feeling of being kept in the dark. Why can't the two be open and honest? The wife is very sad when she knows that the male lead is dead. Oops, the wife finally found out the photos her husband sent a private detective to follow her.

Huh, my husband actually brought that crystal ball home. . . . Was it because he wanted to take away criminal items, but didn't he expect that the heroine would find out? ? ? ? Where did your mind go, husband? ? This brain can still start a company to make money? ? The two finally knew it this time, and they pushed the mirror inwardly.

This husband looks good at first, but is actually very bad, typical macho, he said that he gave everything for this family, some of his sacrifices are meaningless, and there is a better solution, he even Questioning the heroine [I gave everything, what did you do? 】Is her starting image of the perfect housewife worthless? He said she ruined everything because of cheating. To be honest I don't feel like it. . . He said he knew from day one that he wanted to kill her, not the male lead. . . gosh.

The hostess saw the note hidden in the crystal ball, and the husband expressed how much he loved her. . . It's really touching hh, but my husband is also really cowardly. Another ending: If life is just like the first time, the heroine will not cheat, hahaha.

In the end, it's an open ending. I really don't dare to think about whether there is any surrender, but I feel that my husband is so cowardly and will not surrender.

Well, the three screenwriters of this film are all male, so it is estimated that they have been derailed before they can have such a detailed observation.

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  • Jess 2021-12-10 08:01:47

    Diane Lynn is too beautiful, literally beautiful enough to commit a crime for her. Very delicate, the beginning of the gale has a strong sense of film, and it is like this step by step. Someone in the barrage finally asked whose fault it was. Born to be human's fault.

  • Spencer 2022-03-20 09:01:48

    See also Adrian, the master of erotic ethics, remade from Chabrol's original work. Although the story is old-fashioned, the actors and details are very good. The tricks are really hard to resist. The bland marriage itch after the wisher takes the bait becomes a lifelong sting under the variation of the crime film; the derailment always ends in tragedy, thinking of the Japanese drama "Day Yan".

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