The collision of two halves of love, desire and responsibility

Kyra 2022-04-23 07:02:12

The five-point evaluation of such a movie is really too selfish. I have always expected to see a movie that depicts the contradictions of love, but it hit my point. At the same time, the details of the first half are excellent enough, so I don't care about the later part of the movie. Slightly weak progress.

I think the world's definition of the word "love" is too vague, or I prefer to say that the contradiction of the word itself comes from the contradiction between human beings' animality and sociality. The process of evolution into man has brought rich ideas, and this also "clamps" man. This word may not be accurate, but it is true that people in today's society are surrounded by thinking brought by developed minds (here the siege should be as neutral).

The instinct of courtship is the animal nature of people. Maybe each species has its own characteristics, but for people, this choice comes from beauty. The "beauty" in different eras is not the same, but in general, with the development of the brain, "beauty" requires Extends from the outside to the inside. But it is undeniable that external beauty is still the first hormone that awakens libido, what we call the most superficial "desire". In the "siege" of a society with a certain civilization, the choice of beauty is required to develop into a responsibility, which is undoubtedly an important measure to maintain the orderly development of modern society, but it means restraint on instinct (I can't It is asserted that no one can guarantee to "love" only one person all the time, but the ubiquitous "emotional disputes" in society should support this argument).

In this process, the word "love" came into being. The weight of "desire" and "responsibility" in love is different in everyone's heart, but everyone uses the same "I love you" to express their feelings. For people, this is just a simple way to let people ignore the self-paralysis and a vague expression of exploring its own contradictions. I don't know how many people think about what his "love" is when they say "I love you". For me, the word "love" means a state of balance and is a responsibility exclusively for human society. Effective suppression of instinct.

Going back to the movie itself, "Infidelity" tells a story of cheating, and I love it because the conflict between desire and responsibility is so ubiquitous.

I think Paul is not a man, but a representation of desire. Edward is also not a person, but represents responsibility. The heroine is a gorgeous contradictory body. In the collision between Paul and Edward, he only had a faint timidity, without any apology, and still received Edward kindly, because he had no concept of "responsibility", and Edward devoted himself to his family and fulfilled his responsibilities.

The heroine is gentle, beautiful, and a good wife, but her balance was completely broken after she met Paul. Half of her desires in love were constantly attacked by Paul. She tried to balance herself but was eventually overwhelmed. The lust in the atmosphere the first time they dance, and a shot of a ring on the hand brings in responsibility, and they bump into each other for the first time. The heroine's trembling body when they had sex for the first time, the movement that could not tell whether it was resistance or desire, was another collision, and this time it completely broke down with Paul's "trick". Paul understands "desire" too well, and the phrase "hit me" makes the heroine finally release the nerves that have been tense, and at the same time liberate her animality, they are lingering and out of control. However, the reality still exists. As long as the heroine returns home, the part of the responsibility that has been washed away will be filled again, and the constant back-and-forth collision will make her exhausted.

And the dialogue between the heroine and her friend in the cafe is still showing the theme of the collision. One of the two friends said that they must go back to respond to the love of the handsome guy, while the other is a woman who has experienced cheating and got a bad ending. This time The collision design is quite interesting.

When Edward found out that his wife had cheated and wandered downstairs at Paul's house, he happened to miss the heroine who had been staying for too long and forgot to pick up her son and ran down. In the high-position shot, Edward was pacing heavily, and the heroine behind him ran in reverse to drive. , they didn't find each other. The meaning of this collision is clear, and the derailment has not been brought to light by both parties. At this time, the responsibility side is heavy and sad, while the desire side hides it and escapes.

The final collision can be said to be a triumph of responsibility, and responsibility kills desire, which is why I love this movie, it's emotional and realistic, and it doesn't let desire defeat responsibility. But in the second half of the plot, there is a little lack of stamina, just like whoever comes to the hostess's house has to play with the crystal ball a little deliberately. But so what, Diane Lane's brilliant performance is worth it.

Finally, I want to say a few words. If you don’t want to be trapped by responsibility, you may lose the stable warmth of peace, but you will not be convicted. If you don’t hurt people around you, it’s understandable. Life is too short. . But if you still want to have this responsibility, I think you have to take up your own choices and fight against yourself, but don't be too mean. For me, to borrow the words I saw elsewhere: After I am with you, I will not Requires you to be absolutely honest with me, and that's about it. You don't need to love me 100%, just about it. The psychologically appropriate sense of distance never goes away and drives our feelings. My only hope is that when we encounter an "accidental" "heart", we can face ourselves calmly and let go of each other calmly. this is Love.

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  • Verona 2022-04-24 07:01:07

    I originally thought it was unrealistic, the lover here was not attractive enough, and the original partner was too attractive. But in fact, this may be very realistic. The blandness and tediousness make people turn a blind eye to the charm of the other party. The tension and danger make even the ordinary physical entanglement full of peach color and hormones. Only human beings have written the requirement of loyalty into the social code, and the urge to steal the forbidden fruit is rooted in human genes earlier.

  • Jany 2022-04-24 07:01:07

    Movies watched in the vcd era, stories of cheating, loyalty and desire

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