Unfaithful, unfaithful

Lea 2022-04-23 07:02:12

The film tells the story of a wealthy couple who lost their minds under the blow after the wife had an affair.

The first part of the movie is about the wife's cheating, and the whole process of betrayal, excitement and regret is described with great generosity. In this part, the rhythm of the cheating is fast, and the rhythm of the original partner is very slow, so there is a sense of frustration. Better convey the sense of excitement to the audience; the middle part tells that the original husband launched an investigation and confronted the male junior three and accidentally killed the male junior third; the tail tells that the original husband and wife both made their own mistakes and then faced the police investigation and panicked and overwhelmed. There is a bit of suspense movie meaning. Between committing a crime and solving a crime, it pays attention to detail shots and lays down many foreshadowings. The film has an open ending. In the last scene, the couple comforted each other in the car, planning a better life after absconding to Mexico, and the car stopped at the gate of the police station as soon as the camera turned. In such a scene of external and internal psychological contradictions Next, the film makes the audience not know whether they are going to surrender or abscond at the end. It does not explain the ending to the audience, making the audience feel that the movie is not over and there is something missing, which is just right. The dilemma between the hero and heroine is properly imposed in the hearts of the audience. This ending may also show that the shattering of a family caused by the wife's infidelity, no matter how to restore it, it is useless. In the end, it is no longer important what ending they choose. The film focuses on portraying at this time. And what conveys is their regret after their respective mistakes.

The portrayal of the main characters in the film is two-sided. The characters are very full. The wife is beautiful and virtuous, but she is not tempted. The husband is honest and caring for the family. Women, each character is alive, as if real people in life, shorten the distance with the audience, and give the audience a better sense of substitution.

However, the film does not fully explain why his wife cheated. The original family was harmonious, and the family of three was happy. Just because of a chance encounter, he couldn’t stop falling in love with the young man. The film did not explain his wife’s dissatisfaction, which made people wonder if she cheated. What is the reason. Maybe the director doesn't want to explain the reason, but just wants to portray the original sin of human beings that cannot resist temptation, depicting human desire, greed and luck, and the choices made by human beings in the face of temptation do not depend on your own willpower, but in the temptation. how big.

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  • Tamara 2021-12-10 08:01:47

    Compared with the "End of the Match" in the same period, the exploration of humanity, greed, hatred and ignorance is still too middle-class interesting. Lain is strong in atmosphere creation and psychological rhythm, the revealing hint of the opening gust of slanting composition, and multiple parallel montages to bridge different perspectives. Especially when the trembling body takes the swaying train, the shame and ecstasy tension of lust whizzes out, there are some spare details, in addition to the glass ball, and the second man said Hit me when he went to bed for the first time, and glanced at the fruit knife. And so on, the second half of the film is constantly dissolving the things established in the first half, love, beauty, and self-feeling, and all kinds of sins are used to maintain all kinds of responsibilities, so as to form an alliance. The end car stopped at the intersection of the police station, which reminds people of "Knife in the Water", as if the burden of crime has hollowed out people, leaving only empty hope, but unable to step into the future.

  • Alvina 2022-03-26 09:01:06

    Don't cheat after a good movie

Unfaithful quotes

  • Paul: Your eyes are amazing do you know that? You should never shut them, not even at night.

  • Connie Sumner: Be happy for this moment, this moment is you life.