The turning point and thought of life are often the choice at the moment, but there is no if in life.

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This is an ethical film about a marriage crisis. The film bluntly gives a warning to those who are hovering on the edge of derailment, and that is the price. Romain Rolland said: "In marriage, everyone has to pay a price, and at the same time they have to take back something. This is the law of supply and demand."

Connie has a wonderful family, her husband Edward is responsible, hardworking, and has a successful career. They have been married for ten years and have a 9-year-old smart and lovely son. Connie takes care of the family and does things in her spare time. Beauty, playing tennis, living a comfortable and comfortable life. But because of the intervention of a young man named Paul, Connie's peaceful life was broken. The intervention of a young man breaks Connie's peaceful life.

One day, there was a sudden strong wind, and the pedestrians on the street were unable to guard against it and ran away. Connie accidentally injured her knee. At this time, a young and handsome Paul appeared, and he invited Connie to his nearby residence to have a rest and have a cup of coffee. Treat the wound.

Connie went to the bathroom to treat her wound, and her wariness of strangers led her to double-check that the door was locked. Then we see her turn on the water hose - Martial is flushing the teacup - Band-Aid touches the burning pain of the wound - Martial's tea fire, a beautiful switch. In the meantime, Connie put her foot on the toilet, and the toilet seat was not put down - at the beginning of the movie Connie had asked her son to put down the toilet seat after urinating - this was originally an annoying thing for Connie who was doing things well, but she At this time, I didn't care to help this informal French man put it down. Afterwards, Martial's sudden intimacy (applying ice to her wound) made Connie uneasy. Before leaving, Martial asked her to take away a book - wine, which rejuvenates people; fine wine, roses ,Carpe Diem. For a middle-aged woman, it's blatantly provocative.

The next day Connie was at home flipping through the books Martial had given her when she dropped a card with Martil's phone number on it. She called Martial at the subway station, flipped in a coin, hung up the phone, refunded the coin, hesitated and put in the coin again, made up her mind to dial, but no one answered, regretfully and relieved, she was about to hang up the phone, but the call was connected, Connie, who was caught off guard, said embarrassingly, "Hello. Martial invited her to his place for coffee, and Connie glanced at the coffee mug she was holding, then put it on the phone and agreed with a smile.

After a brief flirtation, Connie hurried away feeling guilty. In order to gain some psychological relief, she bought Edward a gift and delivered it to his office in person. However, the unstoppable Connie finally couldn't restrain herself and ran to meet Martial again, and had a relationship with him. This process is presented by Connie's recollection on the train home after the fact.

After that, Connie officially began to interact with Martial. In a piano sound, the fragments of Connie's life with her family and the fragments of her affair with Martial were shown alternately. However, her husband Edward found the clue, and although he knew Connie was cheating on him, he chose to remain silent until he fully understood the matter.

Connie met two friends on the way to Martill's tryst and took them to a cafe near Martill's house to chat. Connie was reluctant to be invited, and she was very kind. As soon as she entered the cafe, she couldn't wait to call Martill, telling Martill that the other party must wait for her. After a while, Martial also came to the cafe. The two of them couldn't hold back, and tacitly signaled to go to the restroom of the cafe to stage a passionate scene. During the conversation, a friend who had had an affair told her that this kind of thing would end in tragedy in the end.

Edward finally launched a final investigation, but Connie began to be condemned by her conscience. She was in a trance while cooking, making a mess, scorched chicken nuggets, overcooked water, and Connie forgot to pick up after a sex steal. After her son was out of school, she finally touched her moral bottom line. Finally, she chose to terminate her relationship with Martial after finding out that Martial was not only her lover. And just after she left Martial's residence for the last time, Edward walked in.

Edward had a positive contact with Martial, one was a forbearing and calm middle-aged man, and the other was a young, muscular man; he knocked on Paul's door and asked about him and Connie. The two were drinking iced whiskey, and the invisible battle had been balanced between the two. Edward was sitting beside the bed where they had had sex, and when he saw the crystal ball he gave Connie was lying at the head of the bed, he suddenly lost control and threw it at Paul. After the murder, Edward heard Connie's parting message to Martial.

Afterwards, Edward and Connie embraced at school to watch their son perform.

Connie opened the crystal ball and saw Edward's message. When she went to the laundry to look through her pockets, she saw that Edward's pocket contained pictures of Connie and Martial taken by a private investigator.

The disappearance of Martial and the discovery of his body made the police come to Connie's house to investigate twice. When the police arrived, they concealed each other, exposed each other, shielded each other and confessed to each other. Knowing that it was her husband who killed Martill. Connie recalled as she burned the photo, if she hadn't accepted his invitation to go to his house to treat the wound, if it wasn't because of the gale that the taxi was refused, but she stopped the taxi, she could have gotten on. After the taxi, just say thank you to him through the window, and there will be no in-depth intersection and possibility between them.

At the end of the movie, Connie and her husband dreamed: we could escape to an island that the police couldn't catch, we sunbathe on the beach every day, go fishing in the blue sea when we were hungry, our family lived like this Live a happy life like a paradise undisturbed. Edward and Connie's car stopped quietly at the intersection in front of the police station.

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  • Roselyn 2022-03-26 09:01:06

    There's always a sense of guilt seeing Diane's body, because the 13-year-old Lauren is already etched in my mind. The last shot of the film is very interesting, where is the intersection at the red light?

  • Myrtle 2022-04-24 07:01:07

    A previous Weibo survey seemed to say that the cheating rate of housewives was quite high. . . .

Unfaithful quotes

  • Paul: Your eyes are amazing do you know that? You should never shut them, not even at night.

  • Connie Sumner: Be happy for this moment, this moment is you life.