A second-rate dismemberment of a detective movie

Earl 2022-04-19 09:01:58

Such a cast, Clive Owen, Maggie Smith, Kristin Scott Thomas.

Are you willing to miss such a classic star-crossed moon? A group of 'British gangs' with both strength and image, almost even the supporting roles have used the old BBC drama bones.

Of course, the most anticipated is Clive Owen. BMW's commercials have already appreciated his cool ability, which is no less than Jason Statham.

King Arthur is full of national heroism, and people can't help but look forward to the birth of a second Denzel Washington-style actor. What's

more valuable is that his elegance can be said to be a fatal blow to many young fans.

Back to the story of the movie itself.

The whole film still adopts the story structure of Agatha Christie's typical British detective novels.

Homicide, mansions, and every tenant who appears to have a murderous motive.

Perfect clothes, elegant shapes, luxurious sets, and a strong British aristocratic atmosphere everywhere.

The influence of World War II seems to be minimized here.

However, all the external attributes can't hide the director's loss of control over the whole movie. Almost every character is shaped like

Owen's poor appearance, which makes people wonder if he is just here to praise the director. And how ridiculous the setting of such a character is.

When he said very strongly that he was a child of an orphanage, it seemed that everything became clear, a revenge film for an illegitimate child!

Sure enough, after an hour-long wait, the old guy was finally successfully killed. Another Orient Express murder. The director once again tested the IQ of the audience.

Then, I saw the funniest detective in British cinema, a Baby Face Sherlock Holmes, a Scotland Yard

sidekick and the famous Detective POLO soundtrack, almost passed out. Then after wandering in the film for a few minutes, he mysteriously disappeared


I have to endure the badness of the main line. Maybe there are too many stars to estimate the tension of the story. It is excusable for the hasty ending.

Then the auxiliary line may give us a little surprise.

The servants are in love and hatred, looking forward to a good show of class struggle, or the mutual Darwinian struggle of the bottom for survival,

but once disappointed, the director succeeded in isolating each actor.

There are almost no rival scenes to speak of, and even the only erotic scene has no courage to express it.

Dismember a complete detective movie into four dissimilars, the great Ultraman doesn't know what you are thinking?

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  • Ernie 2022-04-22 07:01:30

    It's too much of a story...there are too many characters and too much information, and the truth is shocking.

  • Garry 2022-04-21 09:02:12

    This piece is like maple dew tea, it will be outstanding after three or four times

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