Dakota Fanning: A-list actress

Alexane 2022-11-29 18:27:16

Old and young match! The old one is my idol for many years, and the youngest is a rising star who is only 10 years old in Hollywood. Dakota Fanning, this year's swarm of film appointments would make any Hollywood star teen or 20 years her senior jealous, and she's played opposite a superstar (Atang, Bad Boy Sean Penn, Danzo Washington), she stole the brilliance from every scene she played with, which is another cause for jealousy. This time it's Robert De Niro's turn? ! Sure enough, old Robert, like other big names, was also robbed of the limelight by this little girl.

Dakota Fanning put on haggard makeup on her lower eyelids for the first time for this film. Her unhurried performance made people have high expectations for her future.

A thriller with a super cheesy plot, so cheesy that I knew the outcome 30 minutes into the opening, if it wasn't for the actors I liked, I would have smashed the TV. Director John Polson, who used to be a second-tier actor in Hollywood, has starred in more than 20 films, and also acted in Mission: Impossible II :) Later, he felt that his acting would never reach a new level, so he became a director, and now I will say responsibly : You'd better go back to the promising job of an actor :P

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