Dad please love me again.

Clay 2022-11-14 05:20:29

Still sad to see it. A little desperate. One is a father who wants to heal his daughter's trauma, and the other is a daughter who is trying to maintain the whole family. Both are lying. All are concealed.
When I saw half of it, I began to wonder if my father was schizophrenic. Decisively yes. But the last shot still confuses me. For now, don't look at other people's movie reviews and express my own humble opinion. I seem to think that Emily is also sick and seems to have a good spiritual friend.
Dad's fate is tragic enough. As a psychiatrist, I had this disease myself. Trauma does take a toll on the mind.
I was so sad that I squeezed out a few tears and couldn't shed any more. But still want to cry. Really uncomfortable. I miss my dad at home. Father is a mountain. My father never beat me since I was a child, I love him very much. But now that I am older, there will always be an imbalance in my heart, why my parents are so busy and tired every day and can't make money. Why do other people live better than me. I know I didn't show that Mom and Dad always made it clear. I love them and I love this home.
In fact, it is best to be together as a family. To learn to be content.
Repay your parents well.

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    Emily: Can you leave the door open?

    Katherine: You know I can't do that.

  • Emily: Can you see now, Daddy?