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Michale 2022-10-11 05:01:05

The film has several endings. That is to say, there are multiple endings.
From the beginning of watching, I predicted some of the contents of the movie. From the change in the character of the little girl after the change of the environment, I boldly guessed that the little girl will have a split personality. And as the plot progresses, especially Elizabeth. When Yang died, he could only guess that the little girl's father had a split personality in order to meet the needs of the entire film. As a result, there was no accident, until the little girl's father was killed, all this seemed to be a matter of course. If this is the end, the ending of this film is not really surprising. Because many are actually expected. Until the end of the film, the appearance of the little girl's painting made people very ponderable. (The ending is different, 1: The little girl was adopted by her father's female colleague, and finally painted. 2: She was mentally stimulated and sent to a mental hospital, closed and counted. 3: The door was closed and counted at home 4: Same as 1, but painting is normal 5: The female colleague said that she wanted to cure the little girl) In fact, there are many films ending with puzzles or deductions that make people ponder aftertaste.
If we say that this classic suspense film all uses the screen to let us see it intuitively, is it simpler? And why are there so many different endings? What does the author want to express?
Then look at it once, from the back to the front. The final picture is on the female side painting of the little girl. The little girl in the painting has two heads, which is to show that the little girl has a double-sided personality. That is to say, "Charlie" in the film may be the other side of the little girl. But looking forward, it doesn't make sense that the little girl's father has a double-sided personality. Then look on until the little girl's father, David, finds Elizabeth. When Yang died, pay attention to some of David's behavior. David, in the role of a father, has been working hard to protect the little girl. When David found out that Elizabeth was dead, he questioned whether the little girl was involved. If the little girl is a murderer, then her ending can be imagined, then as a father, how can he protect her! Only if he is the murderer can he let the little girl live safely. The next scene will be logical, until he can strangle the female colleague looking for the girl first in the cave, but he didn't continue, and he didn't even go to get the gun. Even if he has a split personality, he is not stupid. Leaving an adult man with a deadly weapon behind him will have only one ending, death.
When I write this, I think that the little girl has a feeling of fear. In fact, this is the success of this movie, 5 different endings make people think of different stories, everyone feels different after watching the movie, this movie is really good, different endings let us watch It's not just two-faced personalities, but more.

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