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I watched this movie because of Fanning, and to be honest, I didn't like her the first time I saw her (emotionally) because I was nervous. But this must not affect my admiration for her acting skills. It is said that she was only six years old when she acted in this movie. Think about myself, when I was 6 years old, I was still playing checkers (sign on the checkers box as follows: **6 years old) ), like a souvenir of a visit here. A world of difference.

Let me briefly talk about the plot. A psychologist's father killed Hong Xing's out-of-the-wall mother because of his possessiveness, and pretended to be a mother to commit suicide. He began to suggest that he would forget everything, and all this was seen by his daughter. The father's psychological suggestion made him think that his daughter was mentally ill, so the father took her daughter to leave the house and go to the countryside. During this period, the daughter had her only friend, Charlie, and under the instigation of Charlie, did a series of horrible things... …It turns out that Dad is Charlie.

I'm messed up myself. In a word, Dad's personality is split, David + Charlie = Dad. At first, the two split personalities did not have any intersection. As a regular "David", he was even angry to find out the troublesome "Charlie", and later, Charlie became a The daughter's only friend, and the purpose of "annoying Dad", makes the conflict between David and Charlie increasingly fierce. David wants to find out the devil Charlie who has destroyed his life and his daughter's life. Finally, in the room where the items are stored, the father = David, I found that the usual "diary" turned out to be blank, and then I suddenly realized that when I wrote the diary, it turned out to be another personality - Charlie was active... Not much to say, just read it.

You still can't watch anything related to the movie first, otherwise, it's the same as not watching it, just like doing a math problem, looking at the process of the answer and then understanding it or not learning it and not doing it.

Hide and seek is a bit like fight club. The appearance of Charlie makes it easy for people to agree that it is a daughter's fantasy, especially every time the father asks her daughter, the daughter always says "Charlie is hiding or he just left", which makes people have to believe that it is the daughter's split personality. Shi Xian, however, just ignored that as a father, there is also such a possibility. Fanning's eyes, empty, confused, neurotic, nervous, so deceptive, it makes it impossible to tell whether she is the "Demon Charlie" or the one who lives between "Demon Charlie and Good Dad" all day. Poor daughter.

The end of the film is not so comfortable. The daughter has a new life with the kind female doctor. Everything should be better, but the girl is still painting, but the little girl in the painting has grown two heads... This is What does it mean? her future? Well, for the problems we can't explain, we can only say "suspense movies are always like this". The movie still has quite a confusing factor, and that's all because the movie is completely from the perspective of my father. From the perspective of this person with a split personality, we naturally see everything as "split", hehe!

Suddenly I thought of John NASH with a beautiful mind, and I was completely blinded at first... It's funny. In fact, there are still some hints, such as the daughter's painting, she is with her good friend Charlie, but please note that many of the pictures are adults holding children's hands, and this adult is Charlie's father! Also, when the female doctor asked her why she didn't explain Charlie to her father, the daughter said: "It's useless, my father can't control himself (similar words), these places are all hints.

To say that this father is really divided! David's father brutally killed his wife because of his morbid possessiveness. In order to punish himself, David's father, Charlie's father used his daughter to do a series of more cruel things, until finally, when the daughter begged Charlie's father not to kill him. When his friend's girlfriend was a doctor, Charlie's father said "Oh? Yes, I thought I was the only one." - Charlie's father is still morbidly possessive. So it's morbid possessiveness that causes all the tragedy.


This world is amazing, but psychologists are prone to mental illnesses, and the children of educators often fail in their studies.

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    I guessed it long ago and the pace of the film is slow and halfway to sleep

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