The most problematic one is yourself

Marilie 2022-10-02 23:26:26

I remember that when I was watching the repair of the soul before, when the smart male protagonist and the psychology professor were fighting wits, he could always see the most vulnerable part of the opponent's heart and fight back.

This shows that people who actually want to become experts in psychology are often people who hope to use psychology to arm and protect themselves.

Sometimes some people like to make others fear by analyzing their psychology, so as to achieve the purpose of self-protection.
And in this, I also protect myself.

As a psychologist, he has a very successful career and a seemingly happy family, with a beautiful wife and a lovely daughter, but who would have thought that all this was in vain.
His wife stole people behind his back, his world collapsed, and finally let his distorted personality run out to murder her, and openly told himself that it was his wife who hated life and chose to commit suicide.
The daughter was frightened and did not understand the world of adults, let alone how the father had two. The only thing that can be done is to use the game of hide and seek, pretending to be safe, and pretending that life is the same as before.

Finally, when this deception was torn apart by the murders of neighbors and friends, the little daughter had to uncover her father's scars.
What impressed me the most were the pictures drawn by the younger daughter. Children are always good at expressing their hearts with pictures. The harm the father brought to the daughter goes deep into the soul. Looking at the last picture, there is another head floating beside the little girl.

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