It is recommended to watch this film twice, you will understand the plot settings

Anais 2022-10-16 23:37:52

The holidays are boring, so I came to Dakota's classic films to watch. The little girl is really a little drama actress and an old drama bone. This film is still worth watching.
At first, I kept wondering if I have seen this movie, because I bought too many disks, and I can't remember whether I have seen it or not. Anyway, I have a little impression, but I can't remember the content and ending, so let's watch it as a new movie. When I saw them move to the country, when I saw the hole, I remembered the plot and the ending. But I was still attracted by the story and kept reading. Of course it's a play, so I'm not so afraid. I just discovered the intention of setting up a few supporting roles, which is also my family's opinion, and I think it's very simple, don't ask me to use the standards of film critics or senior film viewing, just treat it as a film analysis assignment. Thank you
for the female psychologist. Her appearance is actually Emily's role as the future guardian. It has no effect on the development of the plot, nor does it help David, nor does it lift the veil of Charlie. Basically a vase.

Elizabeth, well, she was very worrying for her when she appeared, she was the first person to prove that Charlie was real, and of course her body also further connected with Emily's mother.

Real estate agents, police, neighbors are actually all smoke, but you can't say far-fetched. We don’t know much about psychology, but most of us have had similar experiences. When we were young, we lost some things because we couldn’t remember where we put them, but if you think it was stolen, many people will look at the people around them and make sure A suspect, you will observe him and find that many of his actions prove that he is the thief, but the truth is often not the person. They played a very good role in setting off the atmosphere, and several issues that some people said before actually don't need to be explained any more. For example, David peeps at the quarrel between a neighbor and a married couple. You have nothing to do at night with a binoculars and look at the opposite building. This kind of scene is very common and easy to see, let alone a family that has just lost a beloved daughter. I wonder if his daughter really looks like the picture on Emily's fireplace, if it's her.
The policeman is basically doing his duty, but I don't know how he got the key to David's house. Or give him a chance to die, hehe.
The only thing the real estate agent thought was a problem was to deliver the keys in the middle of the night. Of course, he gave a far-fetched reason. Of course, there was no way to set the plot. I think it would be solved if the time when David woke up was changed to 6:02.
After writing this, I found that there are still many things I didn't understand. When did
Emily know that her mother was killed by her father? In theory, it should have been known from the beginning, because it was David himself who recalled what he did when they split, and Emily should not have known. But now that you know why you still go to the country with your father?
Was Emily schizophrenic after her father died or was she already ill when her mother died? If this and the above question are considered together, it should be that, from the beginning, I knew that my father killed my mother and went to the country to hide and seek with Charlie because of the split. But there are still many loopholes

, has anyone analyzed it? It seems that the two sides are not enough.

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