Hide or seek?

Alexzander 2022-09-10 07:50:01

The movie I watched yesterday afternoon. The label of this movie is "Thriller", plus there are murders, mysterious people, a frightened little girl... So I watch this movie as I write, and the window where the movie plays is also shrunk - I can't let myself be too It's like a play, otherwise it's too scary.

Don't be too invested, you won't feel too scared, but you will also lose the experience of "breathing and sharing destiny" with the characters. I was still thinking about the plot as I went to bed at night, thinking about the little girl, thinking about her dad, wondering about their mental activity. They hide their true feelings, do not give themselves the opportunity to face themselves, and their lives fall into a lifeless atmosphere. Finally the big crash.

There is a popular but unpopular saying called "finding yourself". Walk into the forest with an axe like Thoreau - do we still have forests? - It is very difficult to do; people play many roles in society, and each role has its own requirements - hiding oneself is necessary. However, maybe the "self" itself has multiple sides, depending on which side you are looking for?

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Hide and Seek quotes

  • [last lines]

    Emily: Can you leave the door open?

    Katherine: You know I can't do that.

  • Emily: Can you see now, Daddy?