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Carol 2022-12-17 11:27:15

Watching Hide and Seek today at 3:25am, absolute chronic suicide. Someone told me that watching such rude movies often makes it easier to get cancer, and I absolutely agree.
What is wringing? What kind of film is a screwball? Now that the lights are on, I just finished eating the seafood rice I made myself, and the scene where Susan vega was placed was relatively normal, so I simply talked about the twist.
Let's start with "Hide and Seek". This is the first time I've watched this type of film by myself. I didn't expect it, and I was completely absorbed, so the degree of collapse was relatively deep. I can't remember seeing any other John Polson films besides "Mission Impossible 2", but I think the rhythm and angle of the filming are very familiar, and the focus of the plot coincides with what I thought, so it looks like a crash. In addition, there is still some joy of appreciation and recognition. In particular, I want to talk about the handling of the dreams at 2:06. I almost used the method of pulling tabs to dig a little bit, because this is the key clue for David to find the crazy out of control himself step by step. The first appearance is before Emily's mother commits suicide, two Zhen! (It really tests my reaction speed), and then a few more frames at a time. In the end, when David finally found Charle in his body, all the pieces were connected in series, shattering the viewer's psychological defense line, a little bit, no Don't be in a hurry, take all your breath away, good director, rhythm and speed of storytelling, you can tell the skill at a glance. The actor, who has acted in nearly 30 films, finally figured out that he can't make a big breakthrough in his career as an actor, and this film proves that his transformation is extremely correct.
A director in transition, plus a screenwriter who wrote a script for the first time, a wonderful combination. The screenplay for the film is Ari Schlossberg's debut, and he's obviously put a lot of effort into writing this script, remote upstate New York, spooky woods, the Loch Ness monster, basements, bathroom tubs, gray cats, fallen streets, Neighbors with weird expressions, stairs, candlelight... The attention to details makes the whole film feel cold everywhere, and all the terrifying elements are logical and natural. It is because everything unfolds slowly and in detail that it takes us deeper into the boundless fear and darkness. It's no wonder that producer Barry Joseph was blown away by the first reading of the script.
The one that creeps me the most is actually Dakota Fanning, who plays Emily. Her glasses are full of water, weird, resentful, endless water. In fact, she doesn't have to act very deliberately, she just sits there and stares at you, a little bit, you will be submerged in the pool of water in her eyes, and then suffocated. Even the director said that when he looked at her, his back sometimes felt cold. Her appearance reminds me of scary dolls, I have had an inexplicable and extreme fear of big-eyed dolls since I was a child, because they are always associated with terrible things, like when the night is dark, the cold moonlight shines from their When there is coldness in the eyes, anything can happen. Dakota Fanning has such a face. In fact, when I saw her at the beginning of the movie, I expected the nightmare to start.
Also worth mentioning are the technical gimmicks of the film. This film is the first to launch the DVD version in North America. This DVD in D9 format has a lot of grain in the picture, giving people a "blurred" feeling in a large number of dark scenes, but this "blurred" feeling It is in line with the "horror" tone of the whole film. In terms of soundtracks, DTS sound effects are obviously stronger than DD sound effects, especially in some tense scenes, even the extremely subtle sounds are perfectly presented. . In terms of tidbits, the biggest gimmick of this DVD is undoubtedly the five endings produced using multi-TITLE technology. Except for the ending of the "two-headed man in the picture" in the main film, the other four endings can be selected before entering the main menu. Watch, and you can also choose to watch it in the Extras menu. Other tidbits include the "Director's Commentary Track" and "Deleted Scenes" from the DVD in the first area, "Behind the Scenes" and the "Story Storyboard" with the director's commentary. Watch with the director's commentary and understand many details. The understanding of processing is indeed deeper. Regarding the four alternative endings, I don't want to talk about them one by one, but just a scene in one of the endings. Emily continued to play the game of Hide and Seek, and then she opened the closet and found another herself, in the mirror, Her eyes remind me of Satan's cat...

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