Does everyone have something they want to hide?

Clifton 2022-10-09 10:11:20

The picture drawn by emily at the end of the film, the originally harmonious scene, with the disturbing music and the camera lens, let the audience see that emily is not a head, but a head that grows discordantly! !
So, is it david's schizophrenia or emily's schizophrenia, or is it both schizophrenic?
The movie has always wanted to create an atmosphere of horror and suspense. The only moment I was afraid of was when david's student Katherine wanted to take the gun from the sheriff's waist, the sheriff suddenly woke up and grabbed her hand! Other than that, there's nothing else scary about it.
All in all, the plot is a bit simple, and there is nothing suspenseful about it.
Yes, De Niro and the little girl's acting skills are very good. Emily put on her mother's clothes at dinner, which reminded me of the young girl in "The Orphan" who pretended to be an adult. The neighbors lost their daughter very sad, and the relationship between husband and wife was also very good. It's puzzling, but the appearance of the neighbors seems a bit redundant, and there is nothing related to the plot. It's just that david uses a telescope to watch the cartoon being played by the neighbor's house. The movie focuses on this detail. After that, david's family TV shows this animation all the time, what do you want to express? Probably just trying to pass the audience's guess on the neighbor's male host. The neighbor's male owner ran out in the middle of the night in a nervous state to see what David was doing. He was slashed several times and then ran home to call the police. If I were a neighbor who was going to call the police, David would not chase after him with the knife. The door of the house is waiting to be stabbed by a knife, so these beddings seem redundant.
Charlie played hide-and-seek with emily at the very beginning to killing people without blinking an eye. Is this change because Cha Lili completely owns emily? If this is the case, there is no need to kill the sheriff. Elizabeth's car has already been pushed down the mountain. The sheriff hasn't determined that it is David's problem, but he died in a hurry and thirst. It makes people feel Charlie developed from wanting to monopolize emily into a murderous maniac who lost his principle, and was shot by Catherine in the last two shots.
The little girl who lost her mother and father had a very bright smile. All the toys and music boxes from the past were thrown into the cave, and everything started anew. As a result, the picture of the little girl grew two heads, which was a bit deliberately unfinished. I feel, in short, not very afraid, and I don't have too many feelings.

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  • Kasey 2022-04-25 06:01:01

    The film is compact and exciting when the bottom is not leaked, and it is boring and absurd when the bottom is leaked.

  • Aron 2022-04-25 06:01:01

    Three and a half. The actors and themes are well chosen, and the atmosphere and rhythm are very good. Some details need to be perfected.

Hide and Seek quotes

  • [last lines]

    Emily: Can you leave the door open?

    Katherine: You know I can't do that.

  • Emily: Can you see now, Daddy?