Emily is not a dual personality

Nakia 2022-12-21 18:18:47

Many people see different endings, so Emily has a dual personality.
In fact, I think the director has cut so many endings to be redundant.
As far as I can see, the ending is in the hospital ward. Amy asked to stay at the door, and Catherine disagreed , close the door and go out, end
as far as I can see, this is the most perfect ending.
I don't have many reasons. Just one is enough.
Emily has always asked to stay at the door. It is a common problem for children, and sleep should be light.
When Charlie appeared, Emily asked to close
the door. After Charlie died, Emily asked to stay.
No one seemed to care about the changes during this period.
As I said before, keeping the door is a common problem for children, so why did Emily ask to close the door when Charlie appeared,
because she was afraid of Charlie, and asked to close the door just to hope that Charlie would not come to her
. After Charlie died, the door was kept because he went to
Some people say that if Emily is not sick, why not tell David that he has a split personality . At first, Charlie
just played hide-and-seek with Emily. Emily was having a good time,
so there is no reason to tell David. Then it started to change slowly.
Charlie didn't allow Emily to have any other friends, killed the cat, and destroyed the doll
so Emily scare Amy away, and also hoped to scare Elizabeth away, and hoped that the sheriff wouldn't come,
because she didn't want them to suffer . Hurt, just imagine, would such a girl happily kill cats, destroy toys, and kill Elizabeth together with Charlie?
Emily is a child, and children are afraid of intimidation by adults, not to mention the intimidation of a father who
does not tell David is a normal behavior of a child.
So, I think Emily is normal, why do I say that being in the hospital is a perfect ending, because a Children who have been hit so hard should be observed in the hospital

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Hide and Seek quotes

  • [last lines, alternative ending]

    Emily: One-1000, two-1000, three-1000, four-1000, five-1000, six-1000, seven-1000, eight-1000, nine-1000, ten-1000. Ready or not, here I come.

    Emily: Come out, come out, wherever you are...

    Emily: There you are.

  • Emily: Come out come out, where ever you are...