Come out Come out Wherever You Are.

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Spoiler alert.
I'm going to start at the end, the music box throughout the whole film, the music box Katherine gave to Emily before leaving New York, the familiar nursery rhyme "Hush little baby", David standing in front of Katherine in the wet dark cave, in the background The spinning music box was still playing the cool melody at the moment. David's voice was soft but low. He said that Katherine was right:
"Trauma causes pain" The trauma brought pain
and finally understood who Charlie was David, He has broken the jar and let his second personality merge into the original thought of conscience and love. He still holds the murder weapon. He knows that there are still daughters and Katherine in the knee-deep cave. He knows that first The only way to get a chance to distract Katherine, who was holding a gun, was to admit his mistake. He knew he had gone mad.
At this moment he admitted what Katherine had said, and he was implicitly putting the blame for everything that happened on the trauma, a trauma of his own making—the death of his wife.
The fragments of the broken dream were spliced ​​together when he opened the dusty cardboard box. David saw the truth of what happened deep in his memory. He just opened his mouth and took a few breaths in panic. When he turned around, he told the frightened Emily not to be afraid, Dad was gone.
Don't be afraid, Dad is gone.
Dad is gone, Charlie is here.
In fact, from the beginning of the film, it is very good to guess the character setting. After moving to Woodland Town, the sheriff with a wretched face, the sneaky neighbor couple who lost their daughter soon, came to return the house in the middle of the night that they forgot to deliver the key. The intermediary, in fact, it is very easy to tell that they are all good people who say nothing. Maybe everyone has their own private and dark side, but in this messy incident, they are not the ones who will hurt Emily.
The film has several different endings, but I like the one where the story ends with the two-headed Emily drawing.

When two people live in your mind and hide and seek begins, should you hide or hide?
I often hear people say that mental illness is easy to inherit, but David is not a natural patient. I am afraid that Emily created her own 'Charlie' after experiencing all kinds of things. Katherine is right, trauma causes pain, and the emergency mechanism of pain is division. To develop a personality capable of resisting pain and resisting consciousness.
Come out Come out Wherever You Are
fell in love with Elizabeth, the divorced woman of David, a psychiatrist who moved from New York. Emily tried to protect her many times and hinted that she would leave David, but the kind Elizabeth thought that the little girl needed love after losing her mother, so she brought a bunch of them. Beautiful daisies of different colors, this is her last memorial in the world, the daisies are about to turn into white chrysanthemums, Elizabeth participated in Emily's game, and found Charlie who was hiding without authorization, and unexpectedly received a lunch.
The 2005 film, when Fanning was still little Fanning.
At such a young age, Dakota has already shown outstanding acting skills, dull eyes, mocking cold smiles, fearful cringe crying, whenever Emily's soft voice appears in the film, my mood is tangled with worry, my mother is dead , Dad is crazy.
Crazy dad kills cheating mom.
Crazy dad took her away from Aunt Katherine who could help.
Crazy Dad is a psychiatrist.
Crazy dad thinks uncle neighbor is a horrible pedophile.
Crazy Dad also likes to hide and seek.
Hush, little baby, don't say a word, papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird.
And if that mockingbird don't sing, papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring. In
the end, Emily is crazy too. The little girl with two heads on the drawing paper, Emily, who lived a relaxed and comfortable life after her father's death, was a pitiful family.
Psychiatrists are always unable to heal their wounds, and psychiatrists are always the most terrifying murderers in horror movies.

On a sunny Sunday, wake up to watch a suspense movie that has been on hold for years.

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