Uh, getting to know Hilary Duff

Leo 2022-11-04 11:30:32

I can't always fight Cinderella
it's glued down.

She's a very cute little girl , she
seems a little fatter to our eyes,
but she's still pretty.
Everyone probably likes the scene when Hilary suddenly appears in front of everyone in a white dress, cautious and infinitely charming.
The male protagonist is handsome, but he doesn't seem to be brave enough. In the end, when he finally listened to his heart's desire and followed his dream, the rain came down, and it ended like a fairy tale.

There are a few songs in here that I really like
the hear you me where the prince kisses Cinderella at the end of the stadium,
and there is a conversation between the two in a cafe to make you feel my love
and the song that makes people shine The song
the best day of my life that sounded in an instant The
music turns, time stands still and the world is quiet.
That moment of light is enough to impress anyone.
But if the tacit understanding of each other is not cultivated,
it will always be fleeting.

Fortunately, this is just a fairy tale.

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