If there is such a sweet love

Carmel 2022-09-30 09:33:21

I just saw this movie on TV today, I don't know the name, but I really like it.
Every girl should have had a princess dream when they were young. It was an age when I loved to sing, laugh and read fairy tales. Andersen and Green were the favorites. We would smile when the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan, and we would cry when the daughter of the sea turned into a foam.
If a person is still obsessed with fairy tales in his twenties, I don't know whether it is sad or happy. I am such a person.
It's just such a beautiful story, how can you not be fascinated? When she appeared at the dance wearing a white gauze dress and walked over, his eyes never left. In such a scene, everyone will smile.
He said, ask you twenty questions.
She said, just ten.
He smiled: All right.
So they had a pleasant conversation, and the fit of hearts made the night so enjoyable. As they danced to the beautiful music in the pavilion decorated with candles and flowers, the whole world was silently wishing.
It's just that when the fairy tale finally came to an end, at a quarter to twelve, she had to leave. Like in a fairy tale, she left something in a hurry, but it wasn't a crystal slipper, but a blue mobile phone— - This is the modern version after all.
Although she had met many times on campus, she dared not tell him that she was the one she was looking for. When she saw his missing revelations posted all over the campus, how much she wanted to tell her the truth. But I'm afraid that after the truth is revealed, it will be a heartbreaking ending.
The world always presents itself in unexpected ways.
Her stupid sister stumbles across an email, and his ex-girlfriend orchestrates the stage play to uncover her identity. When he learned the truth, the surprised look on his face must have deeply hurt her. So, she chose to escape.
But Cinderella's story always has a warm ending. At the end, the prince and princess finally came together to release their past suspicions and achieved a good relationship. This is what we all want to see.
Life is life after all, if there is such a sweet love in reality, who wouldn't yearn for it? Even if this isn't true, why not let us dream?

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