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Arielle 2022-12-05 06:20:05

After watching the movie, I realized that I still like this movie. Simple plot, or rather a known ending. The title of the film is "Cinderella's Tale," which is straightforward and simple. It's just that this story takes place in modern times, the so-called "modern version of Cinderella." In fact, we have been listening to the fairy tale of Cinderella since we were young, and we believe that every girl wants to be a Cinderella. There have been many similar movies. The most recent one I have seen is "Magic Cinderella", and the story is set in a magical world. Regardless of the process, Cinderella will end up with Prince Charming.
However, I, who believe in love, believe in reality even more. Fairy tales are just fairy tales; movies are just movies. We can give endlessly in movies because we don't get hurt. Even if the protagonists die, in exchange for our wailing. That's just a way to vent. In real life, our excessive efforts are not allowed. In other words, each of us is afraid of giving and lives carefully. Every website has information to prevent being deceived, and various scammers' tactics are discussed on major forums. I used to think that liars exist, but they will be far away from me. However, when I found out that when I walked on the main road, I would encounter liars, and my classmates encountered robbers at night. Everything was so disappointing and a little scary. So, we only pursue our dreams in movies.
"Online Love" and "Sleepless at Seatu", the love between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in the movie makes all of us envious. In real life, I believe that such love still exists, but the proportion should be pitiful. Most of us should not be suitable for such a love model.
So, let us believe in love and fairy tales in movies.

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