hide and seek

Jazmyne 2022-09-09 05:49:25

At first I thought it was my daughter who was sick, but later I thought that both of them were sick. Later, I thought that only my father was sick. Dad has always appeared in front of the audience as a normal character in the film. Only the second personality in the last paragraph has defeated the first personality. It should be said that the second personality (Charlie) of the father's character knows the existence of the first personality (David), and David Didn't know Charlie existed. The daughter should also be sick. Most of them exist as the second personality, and only at the end exist as the first personality. But the daughter knows that she has two personalities, slightly different from David.
The daughter's toys should all be broken by Charlie. Charlie has a strong possessiveness towards her daughter, and only allows her to have one friend of her own. Even toys, cats, and Catherine cannot be his friends. Their fate is only death. Charlie must have done the bathroom thing. David wakes up at 2:06 every time, including the time he killed his wife. The words in the bathroom should have been written by Charlie. The second personality can have completely different handwriting than the first personality. The daughter's second personality is the usually indifferent one. It should also help in Charlie's murder. It's just that the two personalities know each other's existence, so the distinction is not obvious, only revealed in the last painting.

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Hide and Seek quotes

  • [last lines]

    Emily: Can you leave the door open?

    Katherine: You know I can't do that.

  • Emily: Can you see now, Daddy?