I'm afraid I'll be you too

Monserrat 2022-10-08 14:18:20

It happened that I saw someone recommending hide-and-seek in these two consecutive days. It was not a suitable day, but I just had the mood to watch a movie. After self-taught psychology, most of the movies I watched were psychological films. Maybe just guessed the ending by seeing that David was a psychiatrist. However, it doesn't matter who guessed the ending first.
The important thing, I think, is that I am afraid that my soul, struggling in the dark, will not be redeemed. I am afraid that I will become you.
David loved his wife and daughter dearly. Daughter loves father and mother dearly. The whole family loves the game of hide and seek. I think, like hide and seek, always children. When people grow up, many things similar to hide-and-seek can no longer be described as interesting and surprising, and the hide-and-seek is always chilling.
The most reassuring part of the film is when the girl friend, the female psychiatrist, shows up. It seems like her presence makes me feel safe and a little warm in this part of the plot. Plus, I love that music box.
I think the power of a psychiatrist should be like that. If we don’t grasp our hearts well, how can we bring more people to find the sunshine that warms us in the ice and snow, and embrace ourselves and persist until the next dawn.

All in all, I still recommend this movie. There is detail, there is power, and there is love. If you saw it like I did.

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