What can't hide is the shadow in the heart

Larue 2022-12-04 01:11:00

When I first watched this film, I felt that Emily was too precocious, and she wouldn't be so perverted if she lost her mother. Later, the plot turned out to be a series of murders made by his father Richard, which is really surprising. A doctor who solves psychological problems for others, and a father who wants to heal his daughter's pain of losing her mother. In the end, he is the one who needs comfort the most. At that time, I was still thinking, whoever has such a daughter on the table will be out of luck for eight lifetimes. As for what, losing a relative is not a loss of humanity, let alone a little girl in the kindest and purest childhood. Emily's strange behavior, even to the point of brutality. Richard was really going to be driven mad by this daughter. The plot is a bit difficult to understand, why Richard would kill the female neighbor he likes very much. I always thought that the little girl did it. The little girl said she was going to play hide and seek with her, but when the female neighbor opened the closet, she was so frightened that she fell from the upstairs. Looking at it this way, Emily could be considered an accomplice if she wasn't the mastermind. But in the end, the plot forced the murderer to be added to Richard, which is obviously a bit unreasonable. The little girl's painting is also full of loopholes. Take the death of the female neighbor as an example. When Richard asked her whereabouts, the little girl drew the female neighbor falling from the window to the ground in the painting, and then said that Charlie did it. When the guard came to the house, the little girl was painting a picture and said the guard would die. She really thought she was Detective Conan. She is just a ***. Either stupid or dumb. In order to create a suspenseful and thrilling atmosphere, let the little girl play tricks here, and the director was kicked by a donkey in the head. In my opinion, Richard may have been driven mad by his daughter, think, put on such a deceitful daughter and tell you it wasn't me, it was Charlie. Anything that is mentally normal will be turned out to be abnormal. To say that the previous generation influences the next is simply nonsense. In order to help his daughter get rid of the psychological shadow, Richard is willing to move to an unfamiliar environment. At this time, his daughter was unreasonable. At best, it's just a diaosi who relies too much on mother's love. If it weren't for De Niro's face, I wouldn't give four stars at all, because I am a fan of De Niro, and the movie starring De Niro is at least four stars. Closer to home, in the face of your wife's betrayal, what would you do instead? In the play, Richard killed his wife for many years, causing him irreparable pain. In the end who is the most comforting person, none other than Richard. Sometimes you can hide your joy, you can hide your unhappiness, but you don't escape because some hurts really hurt your heart. When you don't touch, when the night is quiet, it will attack you, it will chase you to hurt you, and make you unable to retreat or avoid it. The sad person is like Richard, who has reached middle age, has a successful career and a happy family, but at this time he wears green hat. Many times, what you cannot hide is the shadow of the past, and what you cannot hide is the trauma in your heart. Sad, Richard.

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