Breathe as simple as a child, but can't find the right oxygen for her

Ryleigh 2022-11-22 07:27:46

Because Fanning watched the movie, for a person who has never watched horror plots, if he searched before, he should have avoided it~first one, so remember it. When I first saw the red bathtub water, I was really scared, and I couldn't stand it when I saw something related to blood~ When I saw "here she's flooded with memories", I thought his father must be a warm and too warm person. When the female psychologist says "give me a hug", I think she must be a very good person, because I like what she said. I don't know why I always feel that the plot will develop like this: David's daughter emily doesn't actually exist, and the neighbor woman Laura has a son (that is, I think it is a son, although it is mentioned in the later episode that she died a daughter), David found out that Laura's son had already died and she still thought her son was still alive. David was a psychiatrist, so he kept trying to appease the neighbors and wanted her to get out of the pain as soon as possible. In the process, David gradually found himself His daughter was already dead. I always feel that there is a movie with such a plot in my memory, but I have never found the title. No one likes to be betrayed, the more innocent people can't stand betrayal, because they think the world is too beautiful, especially the person they love the most, I hate "Charlie" because of his inhumanity, in fact, I dare not hate it He scared me because of him. He killed Elizabeth Young because he couldn't stand his betrayal either. Suddenly I feel that emily doesn't like Alex anymore because of "Charlie", although it's not clear if it's because she's afraid that "Charlie" thinks her feelings for him are not pure or if it's true that she just wants to have a friend and only be nice to one person. Later, I felt that Emily was really pitiful. It should have started from "Can you see now, Daddy?" The world is too complicated for her, and her mental state is too complicated for children of the same age. In fact, I think this film is quite good, but the evaluation is not high because I don't like the combination of children and horror and psychological problems, especially the "complex" between children and parents in the film, I can't accept it psychologically. Children should be integrated with the beautiful world. If you really want to explore some children's psychological problems, it is better to spend time making a real documentary.

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  • [last lines, alternative ending]

    Emily: One-1000, two-1000, three-1000, four-1000, five-1000, six-1000, seven-1000, eight-1000, nine-1000, ten-1000. Ready or not, here I come.

    Emily: Come out, come out, wherever you are...

    Emily: There you are.

  • Emily: Come out come out, where ever you are...