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Lynwood, Washington, 2008. An 18-year-old girl named Mary reported that she had been raped. She remembered a 2-hour phone call with her ex-boyfriend late at night. As she stumbled to sleep, a masked white gangster broke into her home, threatening her with a knife not to shout. He tied her hands with shoelaces and covered her eyes with a cloth. Then, Mary experienced the most painful nightmare of her life - in the next four hours, the gangster carried out multiple assaults on her. The perpetrator also used a camera to record the sexual assault and threatened that the photos would appear online if she called the police. After the gangster committed the crime and left, although Mary was very scared, her first reaction was to call the police. However, she did not expect that the real "nightmare" officially began - the police made a confession after calling the police. Let her recall the whole process of being coerced and raped at the scene of the murder... This is the first recollection of every detail. Then senior detectives arrived. Without further ado, catch Mary and let her recall the process of the crime again... The handling of the case requires all "details" to be mentioned! This is the second recollection... Then Mary was taken to the hospital for examination. The doctor not only had to photograph her body, but also extracted fluid from her vagina and oral cavity for the test... The scene was cold and embarrassing, and she lost her dignity! It wasn't even the hardest. Then the doctor wanted to ask the victim again for the record! The third memory of facing a stranger... After all the checks, Mary was taken to the police station. In the face of the police detective's questioning, she has to describe the murder process again, and this time she has to formally write down the whole process in her own hand, and keep her signature... This is the fourth and fifth recollection! The first episode of "Unbelievable" is less than 20 minutes long. Mary was forced to repeat the killing four times plus a transcript! One rape plus five secondary injuries. But even though Mary's words were bad, she said it through... As a result, no one went to catch the bad guys, but they all suspected that Mary was lying! The police could not find any evidence of the murderer-the murderer wore a mask, gloves, and condoms, so there was no evidence left, and the shoelaces and kitchen knives he used for the murder were also taken from Mary's home. So there was no trace of the murderer at the's unbelievable that such a "perfect crime" can be done! The police found the possibility of lying - Mary, who grew up in foster care. Abandoned by her biological mother and abused by her native family, she had to eat dog food for a living when she was the most hungry. Tossed like a ball between dozens of homes. No one could explain why she was being pushed around, or what happened, she just kept moving. Mary did not finish high school, and her special upbringing made her develop a character of indifference and alienation. In addition, she has been in a love-deficient environment for a long time, so she is eager to win the attention of others. Mary's adoptive mother told the police about Mary's childhood experience and suspected that: Mary liked to cause trouble since she was a child, maybe she made up the sexual assault incident to gain the attention of others. Mary's adoptive mother's statement, coupled with the discrepancies in the details of the testimony, allowed the police to gradually confirm their conjecture. After all—if it could be proven that Mary was lying, the case would be simple. They invited Mary to take another statement, and during the interrogation process, they put pressure on Mary, all kinds of intimidation and inducement. Mary is just a young girl who has just lived independently. She has never experienced such a scene. Unable to withstand the coercion and inducement of the police, he finally denied the fact that he had been violated. Perhaps, in Mary's heart at this time, instead of continuing to suffer humiliating interrogation, it is better to turn the big things into small ones. But she never expected that the police would sue Mary, who reported a false case, to court, and she would face a lot of compensation. Even more vicious is the criticism from friends around me and the attack of public opinion. Friends posted her information on the Internet, and netizens began to slaughter her, and she became a despised liar. Some media even chased after her to intercept all kinds of harassment, and even the unscrupulous media directly took out of context and eaten human blood steamed buns to grab attention. Because of this "false report", Mary lost her job, her family and friends drifted away from her, and she was sentenced to mandatory psychological counseling. She was speechless and never thought that she was originally a "victim" of a case, but she would actually become a "criminal" standing in the dock. However, there was a turning point -- three years after Mary's case, in Gordon, Colorado. Sheriff Karen received another rape report, and the victim was also sexually assaulted by a knife-wielding gangster. The sexual assault continued on and off for four hours. During the period, the victim was also photographed, and the murderer also had a well-conceived modus operandi without leaving any evidence. Because the information of the police departments of the states in the United States was out of sync at this time, the female sheriff Karen did not know that a similar case had occurred three years ago, and the victim named Mary was forced by the police. . Fortunately, Agent Karen's husband is also a police officer. He told his wife that the Westminster police station where he was working had received a similar case not long ago. After exchanging information on the case with Grace, the female sheriff of Westminster Police, the two finally determined that it was a serial rape case. This behind-the-scenes suspect was not only very cunning, but he was careful and never left any evidence behind. Moreover, he will choose to commit crimes in different jurisdictions, so that the various police stations that do not share information will not be able to understand his mode of committing crimes. So, in order to investigate the truth, the two female detectives began to work together to investigate the case. Due to the amazing anti-reconnaissance ability of the murderer, the two were unable to find a breakthrough in their respective cases. To this end, Detective Karen obtained information on rape cases in various states in the United States in the past six years and began a large-scale investigation and search. After a lot of tedious investigations, the two female police officers found some cases with similar modus operandi, and took the initiative to find those victims for re-examination. Compared with the questioning methods of the male police officers who investigated Mary's case three years ago, Karen and Grace's approach is simply a high judgment. While investigating and inquiring about case information, the two will respect the feelings of the victims and soothe their hearts. After all, if the victim is secondary harmed by the police investigation, it is not only bad for solving the case. Criminals on the loose will continue to commit crimes outside and continue to harm other innocent people. In the end, with the unremitting persistence of the two female detectives, the case finally made a breakthrough. With the investigation and evidence collection of one rape case after another, the truth of the forgotten Mary incident gradually surfaced. A female crime drama based on true events, "Unbelievable" features a female-led production team. One of the screenwriters and directors of the show is Suzanne Grant, who was nominated for an Oscar for "Never Compromise." Another female director, Lisa Charodenko, once directed the drama "Six Feet Under" and "Olive Kittridge, etc. In this play, the two female directors not only show the whole story of the case and the great psychological trauma suffered by the victims, but also use the unique perspective of women to show the reflection on the American social system and women's rights and interests. Strictly speaking, the male police officers investigating Mary's case were just following procedures. However, the problem behind it is the lack of respect and prejudice against the status of women in the social justice system. Because—the key to solving a case is not just indifferent and cruel routine inquiries, but more genuine empathy for the victim. For most victims of sexual assault cases, they are generally ashamed to speak up, and even fewer report the case. And the predicament they will face is that the rape of the criminals is not finished, but they must be "raped" over and over again by the society and the system. In reality, after the serial rape case was solved, the police found a large number of victim photos from the suspect's computer. In these photos, they found Mary and notified the detective who was in charge of the case at the time. Only then did everyone realize that Mary really did not lie. In reality, the two female police officers who investigated the case actually had such a record in the original report: In 2008, Mary's case was one of 10 rape cases received by the police station in her jurisdiction. Because the number is relatively small, there is no group dedicated to sexual crimes in the criminal investigation group. In fact, sex crime experts had drafted a handbook on what to do when investigating rape cases before Marie's report. The handbook, available to all police departments, details common mistakes that can occur during investigations. It is a pity that the manual was not released sooner, and the officers were not trained early. There are two guidelines in the manual: "The victim's mental state should not be presupposed" and "The victim should not be questioned or threatened to use a polygraph." Although the ending of the show and the true story is good, Mary is finally able to. Zhaoxue was wronged and received the corresponding compensation. But for Mary, justice is late after all, and these three years have left her with all the things she should have lost...

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