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The first time the bad guy committed the crime, the little girl was only 16 years old at the time. She had a lot of bad experiences since she was a child. She was stronger than many people, so many people mistakenly thought she was a very bad girl, and her adoptive parents were afraid. Bringing trouble, counselors are worried about their jobs, bosses at work care about their economic benefits, the police listen to a few slander, and start to jump to conclusions, how vulnerable a sixteen-year-old girl is, she is frightened, she lost The best sixteen years old, lost friends, lost the care of others, because the police detectives are self-righteous and close to the truth.

At the age of 19, she knows the truth, but she has not had a good life in the past three years. There is no miracle in her, although she still retains her kindness to the world. She called the female police detective to express her gratitude, and she knew what she said. Thank you is so important, and when that one found her, she was still lonely and helpless. She worked in the playground and no longer had any contact with her adoptive parents and no friends, but she always expected the world to be kinder and better. She even She is more responsible than the police detective. She knows that she has to say sorry for hurting others. She knows that serious injuries must be apologized harder. She even feels that 150,000 yuan can make up for the regrets and shortcomings of her life.

Men are always regarded as very powerful and responsible objects, but the police detective dare not take the initiative to say an apology, dare not take the initiative to admit his fault, on the contrary, the girl who is only 19, she has experienced those bad things. She also knows to live kindly. The two female detectives who solved the case and finally caught the murderer know more about perseverance and empathy than men, so they don't advocate women's rights, maybe girls will live forever Neither will be safe.

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