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Remember what Mary said. Maybe some people really want to help you, or try to help you but when they find the truth is very troublesome and inconvenient, they will choose. . I don't believe that women, as a vulnerable group, have high incidence of sexual assault cases, there are sudden sexual assaults, teachers violate students, and there are unspoken rules. . Brave women choose to stand up and accuse criminals. The other part may be silent and both may live in the shadows for the rest of their lives. Mary's fate is unfortunate. Living in a foster family as a child, she has no sense of security, and her personality seems a little weird and out of place, so when She went to report the sexual assault, and faced the police repeatedly asking her to describe the process of sexual assault. She was frightened. How much psychological pressure she was under at that time! Lost jobs, lost shelter, foster mother distrust. . At the same time, she was lucky in another place. There were two female police officers, Duvall and Grace, who were trying to solve the case, caught the suspect for her and other victims, and found the sexual assault photos he took. As well as various crime tools and "loot".

I especially admire these two policewomen for work reasons

Perseverance, responsibility for work, empathy for the misfortunes of compatriots, and more support for them should be human nature and conscience.

In fact, I also want to believe that the male police officer who first answered the police was upright, but it was really too troublesome to find the way to find the truth. Just like our work, more and more putting the cart before the horse and dealing with it perfunctory has lost its original meaning.

May there be less sin in the world

be more kind

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