Harmony 2022-08-21 18:26:21

Thought-provoking, but also depressing. Moreover, after reading it, I found out that it was actually a real thing? I had mixed feelings for a while, and I couldn't help but want to write a few words. At the beginning, Mary's first sentence when she appeared on the scene: I was raped! told her the identity of the victim. However, this 12-year-old girl not only failed to receive justice and protection after being violated, the male police officers did not focus on trying to catch the criminal, but instead forced the girl to repeat the process over and over again because of the girl's unusual stress response. , forcing her to admit that she reported a false case. As a result, the girl suffered more harm from relatives and friends, and was also violently abused by human flesh on the Internet... Looking at the stubborn and pretending to be strong face of the little girl, she only felt depressed and hopeless to the point of suffocating. So much so that she said to the female psychiatrist before getting to the bottom of it: If I did it all over again, I would choose to hide it from the beginning. This story suddenly made me think: In many industries, gender differences still need to be considered. For example, in this case, the police officers are also serious and responsible. It is not easy for male police officers to have empathy for such victims, and it is difficult for them to feel the pain of the victims, so they pay more attention to the details, and ask them over and over again. The victim recounted the horrific experience, using her own preconceived judgment to force the girl to admit that she was only reporting a false case. Female police officers are more likely to develop empathy when encountering such cases, and they can also consider the victims sincerely and thoughtfully in the process. In the end, it was indeed the female police team who successfully caught the serial criminal and returned the girl's innocence. The importance of the existence of female police officers is self-evident. At the end, Mary called the policewoman and she said: Thank you! The truth of how many years late, how much hurt and grievance has she suffered? The world finally returned her innocence, the trust from the female psychiatrist, and the kindness of the policewoman made her feel warm again after being treated maliciously for so many years. It's a true story, deep and sharp, and I hope it's just a story.

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