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Vicky 2022-09-11 17:46:03

One night, it took me 95 minutes to finish reading ( ⊙o⊙ ), Anyway,
1. A modern version of the Cinderella story. Shanman's father had been telling fairy tales around her since she was a child. Unexpectedly, when she grew up, Shanman really became a modern version of Cinderella. Her father once said that "there is often another meaning in fairy tales", which lays the groundwork for the following. , Shanman found his father's will in the fairy tale book, turned into a princess, and his stepmother also got the retribution O(∩_∩)O, just like the ending of the Cinderella story.
2. The stepmother loves to eat salmon. The English name of the heroine is like salmon. In a deep sense, it implies that Shanman's first half of the road is dominated by her stepmother.
3. Unlike the original fairy tale, the princess became the princess by the prince's initiative. Shanman got the prince through her own struggle. It was her remarks to Ossing that made him understand and reminded the judge that he should work hard on his own. Get what you want, be brave, etc. . .
4. As a child, Shanman's father told his daughter that Princeton is the university that the princess went to. Princeton runs through the whole film. At least, Princeton is the university that Shanman and Ostin want to go to together. Also, the acceptance letter from this famous university made me look high...
In a word, this is a non-trivial, modern version of a Cinderella story. . .

Note: What's more worth mentioning is that the heroine Hilary Duff I actually saw in 'Material Girl', and most importantly, I don't recognize it. . . %>_<%

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