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Marcos 2022-11-08 11:13:55

I have seen this movie many years ago, but I am revisiting it again. The classic story is always endless.
Similar to the old bottle of new wine, the story of Cinderella can be said to be a household name, but according to the modern way of interpretation, there is always some new connotation to show, so this youth inspirational funny love version of Cinderella was born. It can be said to be a classic or an old-fashioned plot. The most important thing is to have a family, the person who loves you has to leave you, and the phoenix becomes a sparrow overnight; the strong competitor is always the bright cheerleader. Captain; and your Ma Ji, I'm sorry, he is only a mortal, and even a little unsatisfactory. But what does it matter? Everything will be fine. As long as you stick to your beliefs and live up to your expectations, you will find love and the sparrow will become a phoenix again.
This movie does not have any sense of the times, because no matter what era you are in, you can find the shadow of life from the people in the center, and she straightforwardly penetrates the central idea into the plot, without any abrupt, simple, direct White, but vivid. The use of classic fairy tales to connect all the plots enriches the viewing experience of the film and the acceptance of the audience. And the wonderful performance of the actors is the soul of the film, which makes people impressed.
A good movie is always worth savoring. It is suitable for all ages. Maybe watching this movie at different times will give you different insights. This is the charm of classics!

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