In fact, he's just an ordinary boy

Elroy 2022-09-05 23:33:43

Probably, there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people. The biggest impression on me in this drama is that the heroine finally overcomes her inferiority complex and expresses her love bravely.
The hostess said to her friend Carter, I spoke to Austin today, not as a Princeton girl, but as Shanman. This sentence made me feel that from this moment on, the heroine stepped out of the body of the "Princeton girl" in the Internet and bravely pursued it. Probably, many girls have that unattainable male god in their hearts. However, he lacked the courage to approach the male god.
Yes, I am reminded of my male god. Let's call him Vase-kun. The first time I saw Vase-kun was during the new military training. A group of people were sitting on the grass, wearing camouflage uniforms that were too ugly to look directly at. Then, I saw the clear-looking vase-kun.
Then, when I was eating in the cafeteria, my roommate said she thought the boy was very handsome. I turned my head and saw Vase-kun. No, the boy that my roommate likes is Vase-kun's good friend (let's call him LE-kun for now?), and later, I saw that Le-kun was actually pretty good-looking, probably the gentle and quiet type, Vase-kun is a clear-looking sports boy type. In short, I didn't know what Mr. LE looked like for a long time, because every time my roommate showed me, I only saw Mr. Vase. . .
Vase-kun and I are in the same line. He has some classes with roommates. So of course, I heard the name of Vase-kun from my roommate.
Then came the freshman basketball game. Mr. Vase belongs to our basketball team. He's on the field. I didn't know why I went to see it at the time, but the vase-kun is really handsome. . . During the basketball game, Vase Jun became quite famous, and girls began to inquire about him. A poster of our basketball team was posted next to the playground. Every time I passed by the poster, I would see girls standing next to the poster saying the name of Vase-kun, and even senior school sisters. At that time, I suddenly discovered that I liked male god-level characters, which made me a little uncomfortable. It just feels like the person you liked originally, but suddenly many people like it, you don’t want to like this person anymore.
However, since then I have always liked Vase-kun very much. Appearance association or something, there are actually some handsome boys that you may not like, but there are some people whose temperament makes you want to get to know him gradually.
Having said so much, I just want to say that Vase-kun has a little bit of Austin to me. I don't know if you are used to this feeling of secret love, you will remember every light and shadow when you see him, sometimes it is very dark, the elevator door is open, the elevator is very crowded, you were standing at the elevator door before, the elevator door is open At that moment, he walked in and looked at each other. You looked at him clearly with bloodshot eyes and a young and determined chin. In fact, you felt that he was just such an ordinary teenager.
I found out that he was just such an ordinary teenager, not one of those high-profile idols on the screen. He's just someone in my life that makes me a little itchy, and he also has girls he likes but dare not say it, just like I like him but can't say it. Since he is just such an ordinary teenager, not some unreachable male god, in fact, I don't need to have an inferiority complex.
In fact, every girl may have her own Austin, but there is no need to put him in a high position and consider yourself humble and insignificant. Just as Jane Eyre said that she may be humble and small but know how to love, we may also work hard to become good enough to stand in front of him and tell him your little bit of temptation.

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