Our name is Cinderella

Lukas 2022-10-18 19:51:22

We always have the inertia of not wanting to be serious.

Therefore, in order to avoid being profound, I watched "Sophie's World" for a long time in the afternoon, and when I was sorting out the relationship and basic points of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, I watched this film in the evening, which catered to my daily life. Love conception.

I have to admit that the United States is really a dream factory, and you can judge the origin of a movie in less than two minutes after watching a movie.
This is the second time I've seen this movie, such a movie is sure to have a box office. Of course, the audience must be overwhelmingly female. (And single, most of the young girls who want to be inspired to change their fate)

gather youth, love, and inspiration. The story is not so unrealistic either.
A flawed movie plot is treated as a joke.

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  • Austin: You're not a guy, right? 'Cause if you are I'll kick your butt.

    Sam: [chuckles] I am not a guy.

  • Sam: So... Who'd you guys pay to make your cars so dirty?

    Brianna: Excuse me? Like, what are you, the Dirt Police?

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