Dario 2022-09-26 00:37:57

Slow and powerful, I'm talking about this drama. I watched it at 8 o'clock last night, and stayed up all night until 3 o'clock in the morning. There are eight episodes in total. The first six and a half episodes were all about the process of solving the case, and the murderer didn't even appear first in the scene. Episode, in 2008, a young girl was kidnapped and raped in her sleep, leaving behind a lot of evidence. During the process of collecting evidence, the male detective kept questioning the girl's incident. The adoptive mother felt that the emergency trauma of the girl was not normal, so I told the male detective that I suspected that the girl had been raped. Because of the girl's background, the detective began to doubt the authenticity of everything, so the reporter became a "criminal". People's distrust, the detective's language inducement, and finally she wondered, is everything a dream of hers? Because of the "lie", she lost her friends, family, and job, and lived in the shadows like a mouse. In 2011, two female police detectives had no useful physical evidence, and a small coincidence led them to work together to investigate this chain. The process of rape is definitely difficult, and what I want to say is that it is unfortunate to be raped. When encountering a female police detective investigating a rape case, the victim is considered a great fortune in misfortune. Because of the special nature of rape cases, maybe only women Being able to understand the helpless ending of the victim moved me the most. When the serial rapist was caught, he said that he left a lot of evidence in the first crime that year. It was easy to find him, but when he woke up the next day, everything was normal. He felt that the crime was not that difficult, and every time after that, he had more criminal experience than the previous one. When the truth of the crime was revealed, the girl received a letter from the city government that asked her to turn it over. She found a lawyer and said she would sue the city government. When she first received the 500 yuan, she felt that the money fell from the sky. She was very happy, but thinking about everything she lost, she wanted to More lawyers say that the city government is willing to pay 150,000 for private mediation, the girl said she accepts, the lawyer said they could ask for double, the girl said she just wanted to let them know that they were wrong, and 150,000 was enough for her to reopen in another place. Start a new life, and she just wants to end this thing as soon as possible. This sentence made me shed tears and felt depressed. Many people say that the pace of this show is too slow, and I think this is the essence of this show. , People always focus too much on the ending and ignore the process, so the girl at the end said that she was not happy because she caught the murderer, but in another city, two strange female police detectives were working hard for her, and she was The biggest harm is not from the rapist, but from a drama that is very heavy for all the people around, and the most heavy is the sentence "based on true events", we should understand Bai, not all criminals can be brought to justice, so the process of pursuing the truth is extremely important. Don't let everyone become a "criminal". When you see a particularly interesting sentence, if you watch this show and feel that the pace is slow, then you Just watch the introduction, or make a ppt for you in the future, wouldn’t it be faster to know the answer? When the girl went to the psychological guidance, in the last eight minutes, the psychological guidance counselor asked her if she had anything to say. When she repeated what she had encountered, the female guidance counselor said: No one would make up such a thing, Unless there is a real part in it, no matter if you were raped that night, or you made up the story of being raped that night, I think the truth is that you were violated by a drama that was written, directed, and acted very well. The reaction at the end is just like the title of the play: unbelievable

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  • Orpha 2022-04-26 06:01:02

    After watching it, I couldn't help thinking that the victims who were brought to the screen were just the tip of the iceberg, and there were many victims who didn't report the crime, but swallowed it up, and I couldn't help feeling sad. I think there will always be people who want to help the victim. Believe the victim's words. If you can't help, don't speculate on what the victim said, and don't cause the victim a second injury. In this world, there are good people and bad people. Try to be a good person instead of an accomplice or an indifferent spectator. You don't have to be a police officer, a lawyer, or a psychologist to help a victim. You just need to avoid guesswork, cause secondary harm, and believe the victim's words.

  • Weston 2022-04-26 06:01:02

    Get energy while crying. Women are strong, smart, brave, sympathetic to each other, saving each other, fighting prejudice, injustice, and fighting this shit world together. The two detectives shine, and there is genuine empathy and caring throughout the show. Whether it is the real prototype or the creator, it is a precious force that makes people believe that there is still a good part of the world. Not to say how well it was shot, but this kind of female power is so touching, it deserves 100 stars, the best of the year.