Unbelievable is their experience, but also their strength and not giving up

Camylle 2022-10-07 01:01:57

I have to say it’s unbelievable. How could that happen? Why don’t they trust her? No one would make up a story to tell others she was raped! The most terrible thing is that even her friends and family say she was lying and they hated her. She was lonely and nobody understand her. The government even required her to pay 500 dollar for false reporting and after they found they did something wrong, they just gave the fine back! How dare they! Have they regret? I can’t image how she went through those day.

Sometimes one thing is enough to break a person, and the moment that seems to only account for one ten millionth of a lifetime is enough to change a person. The damage will not leave with time, it will follow for a lifetime, and it cannot be thrown away. Many people may be thinking, why when those girls are violated, they choose to escape, choose to hide, and choose to pretend that nothing happened. The reason is very simple! Rather than letting it go at the end or being pointed at by others, stop everything in the first place and make it seem like it's doing the least damage to you. This is the scariest. Compared with the perpetrator, the victim will have a sense of shame, will suffer, life will be better than death, and will become the focus of everyone's attention. The first time people hear such a case, is to judge the victim: no wonder she is so beautiful, so ugly, who told her not to protect herself, she is lying! What happened to this world? How can it be so cruel. I've always known that people who are violated are vulnerable. They may be lucky enough to have someone with whom to cry and let go; they may be strong enough to let go; they may be calm enough to pretend they can. But this memory is like a time bomb that will explode at any time. They may choose to wave goodbye to the world in the next second, or they may no longer believe in the world, or they may not want to be in contact with anyone... It's terrifying, how scared should they be where we can't see it? "Unbelievable" made my mood even more complicated. I am very happy that the happy ending gave me great comfort, but I also thought that there are many, many victims who are curled up at home, no one speaks for them, no one can find them to hurt them People, they end up with scars for the rest of their lives. In fact, the most important thing should be how to be treated. In the first case in 2008, I remember the first police officer came in and asked directly, "Finger or penis"; I remember the second police officer asked again, but reluctantly said "please say it again"; I remember that in the hospital, the nurse And said "I need to make a note"; I remember the girl was forced to repeat it again and again, I remember the police asking her to write down what happened time and time again! How can you bear it! Let a girl, a traumatized girl, recall again and again, answer again and again, and question again and again! In the end it turns out that she made it all up! She also let this information leak out, and she lost her job, her friends, and everyone's respect. How can it be! How can they! ! ! ! ! And that so-called mother used those backgrounds to confuse the police, used her self-righteousness to destroy a person, and used hers to hurt others for her own good. Didn't you see her crying, didn't you see her being afraid, didn't you see that she didn't want to remember, didn't you see that she was helpless, didn't you see that she needed understanding and care! Why she was left alone in the end, why make her life more sad, why destroy the best of hope.... if I can, I hope some things will be ok, I hope there will be no such thing again Happens, if any, protect them.

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Extended Reading
  • Orpha 2022-04-26 06:01:02

    After watching it, I couldn't help thinking that the victims who were brought to the screen were just the tip of the iceberg, and there were many victims who didn't report the crime, but swallowed it up, and I couldn't help feeling sad. I think there will always be people who want to help the victim. Believe the victim's words. If you can't help, don't speculate on what the victim said, and don't cause the victim a second injury. In this world, there are good people and bad people. Try to be a good person instead of an accomplice or an indifferent spectator. You don't have to be a police officer, a lawyer, or a psychologist to help a victim. You just need to avoid guesswork, cause secondary harm, and believe the victim's words.

  • Weston 2022-04-26 06:01:02

    Get energy while crying. Women are strong, smart, brave, sympathetic to each other, saving each other, fighting prejudice, injustice, and fighting this shit world together. The two detectives shine, and there is genuine empathy and caring throughout the show. Whether it is the real prototype or the creator, it is a precious force that makes people believe that there is still a good part of the world. Not to say how well it was shot, but this kind of female power is so touching, it deserves 100 stars, the best of the year.