We still have to believe that good things happen.

Janiya 2022-09-26 00:11:37

In the first few episodes, Mary was deeply trapped in no one to be trusted. She had suffered so much damage, and she was hurt again by the people around her that she trusted. It was really heart-wrenching to watch. When she finally went to talk to the therapist, heard her answer the therapist's question and the meaning from it that "if I was misunderstood again, I would have lied earlier and better; No one really cares about you, and even if there is, when they encounter other important things about themselves, that care is gone." At that time, I really felt that this little girl was too miserable. She didn't get real love from others. Even as an adaptation of a real story, I thought to myself that it would be harder for her to trust others in the future. But fortunately, in the end, when she called the detective, she said, because of you, I woke up every morning and still imagined the good things happening. I also hope that in real life, she will be like Mary in the film with her hair tied up and a smile on her face to welcome a new life.

Of course, this film, as a voice for women, does not blindly advocate female liberation or pursue equal status. It's just that in the process of seeking clues, it is straightforward to say that when male and female police officers have behavioral problems at the same time, women will be fired, and men are less likely to be fired. Although we are still striving for equality between men and women, there are still more constraints on women in life.

And I personally feel that at the same time, I am also criticizing the system. There are differences in the attention and investigation of murder and rape cases in the police station. More police officers may be willing to spend their energy on murders rather than no-life cases. Perhaps it is related to the police officers who are still mostly male, so when Mary encounters a male police officer, he may not have much empathy. When everything is contradictory, he blames the reporter whether the case is true or not. sex. And female police detectives can better understand how important this incident is to the victim's life, so they work harder to find the truth.

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