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Compared with the life of Marie who was repeatedly violated in Linwu City, the rhythm of the two female detectives was fast and tense.

Grace's caustic blasphemous jokes and Karen's self-deprecating delicacy seem so familiar, goodbye.

At the same time, it has the delicateness and anger that only women have.

Grace used to be angry, why aren't you angry why male detectives think rape is insignificant, so many women live well but suddenly suffer changes, and life has been turned upside down since then.

And our baby Karen said in a soft voice that after losing his temper, he can come to the damn conference room to continue the discussion, there is new progress.


Since we met, devout believers have started to use fucking as a fixed particle.

And Karen is like the cotton swab in his hand, gently scraping on the victim's face, soothing not only the body but also the emotion.

Emotions, the least valuable emotional value considered by investigators, were important to the two women and the psychiatrist.

The lovely Karen also resisted the urge to press the suspect to the table at any time and went out to work.

And when asked to pull, put a knife and fork on the food.

Such a sweetheart.

The bad-tempered star Grace is a gray area tempter who wants to talk to "Procedural Justice".

Just like the shame of a police detective who doesn't want to be a bad guy when he sees Grace and Karen's data compilation, women's talent has long been relegated to "only worthy of case work", but they forget that women's flexibility, empathy and meticulousness are Broken clues cannot be repulsed.

What is a woman's highlight moment? Get rid of those nauseous sisters who are deeply in love. After everything is over, they go back to their own homes, drink in the courtyard, and hug their husbands in the antique car.

After everything is over, they go home and return to a brief calm

And Mary, who has experienced prisoners, policemen, and residents of the small town, finally has the courage to move towards tomorrow.

very nice.

Finally someone cared about this kid.

Life is so long, you must take a good look at the road ahead

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