"Since the world is so unbearable, do I still need to live in it?"

Rebeca 2022-10-03 15:15:09

If there is no sound of motorbikes galloping on the bridge to wake her up, she will let go;

If she did not persevere during 2008-11, she could not wait for the evidence sent by the suspect to prove her innocence;

If the eight deleted photos were not discovered by the police, would the next 30 years be the repetition of these three years;

If there is no detective's conscience, will she never hear the sentence I'm so sorry;

Had he not been for these police records and court charges, would he never have been caught;

The above, without ifs, are all branches with real events. One suspect, victim of countless branches.

The film's presentation is still a lot more subtle and soft, and cruelty can only be described from a few lines. After all, it can only be pointed out in terms of acceptance. I don't remember where I saw that rape is not just a matter of months or years for victims. Without the clear goal of the criminal, they would fall into self-doubt and self-incrimination, "Isn't it where? What I did is wrong, what did I do wrong, what did I do wrong, why am I” repeated torture, and in the long-term panic and anxiety, fear of sudden noises, fear of strangers, and even the slightest suspicion will trigger fearful memories , and this PTSD may accompany a lifetime.

The proportion of witnesses who can appear in court in the 75G content is almost rounded up to about 0, and the questioning that bravely stands up, more questions, why me? Because of a fixed habit, so it's me? Because I'm wearing less, so it's me? Because it's out at night, so it's me? Because I have a lot of boyfriends, so it's me? Because I had many bad experiences when I was young, so it was me? Because it's too late to go home, so it's me?

Because it just did what a normal human would do, and it happened that the gender was female. Look, in the statistics, gender is the original sin.

Sometimes, when I see the news of these events in my life, I often think about "all suffering is worth it", "existence is reasonable", "unfortunate cause and effect", and after thinking about it for a long time, I feel that this is all bullshit. God has a Buddha, why is there such a man-made evil effect, and why is the proportion of female faces so high among the evil effects of all living beings? Because women are one step faster in evolution? Isn't empathy a higher expression of emotion? Wouldn't it be closer to empathetic sharing? Or is it used to accuse a woman's face of June days?

(Growing up in a patriarchal environment, I was not overly partial, I couldn’t help being sensitive from the very beginning, I was puzzled, resisted, and dissatisfied, but still followed the default rules without enlightenment When I grew up in middle age, I found a way out by escaping from clumsiness in the appearance I saw. Now I think back from ignorance, maybe it was sexual enlightenment or subconscious intuition. When dealing with women, most of them will be more patient and gentle. After a long time, I can understand that the previous generation was also a victim of some leftovers and mutilation. She also used blood, tears and sweat to wade a way through the thorns to support us. From the bottom of my heart, I am very grateful to her for knowing that women are roaming outside. The hardships, follow some rules and hope that I can find a stable, secure and easier job, but this person who made compromises despite his journey is an example of walking forward, I discarded the part of compromise , how can it go back?)

People who are very insecure have never left tendentious text, voice, or even non-face-to-face chats between friends on public platforms. They will use vague and neutral words to express them as much as possible. Oh, very It's boring and safe. Until I inadvertently participated in Ito's lecture sharing meeting, ignoring the bookstore's opportunity to sell books, not very smooth translation and other minor unpleasantness, face-to-face sharing with real people, although language blocks communication (most of them listen to translation and the next day's wild Subtitles Jun), but the expression, voice, body movements, and expressions after switching languages, I feel strongly for the first time that different languages ​​show different people. (I'm glad this case has a good follow-up later)

When I see the incidents of women and children being violated by human beings, I often have the idea that the world will be destroyed and the world is not worth it. Maybe it is luck, the psychological crust is not thick or the crab shell is repaired strong enough, in the preset imagination, it is impossible to do it again and again in the cycle of injury and embarrassment, but still have a tenacious heart to continue. Moving forward, probably still lacks the experience of being pressed and rubbed on the ground by society.

It's been less than half a year since the Xincheng incident, and JD.com is only a year ago. Well-known public servants, CCTV hosts, university professors... These are still fresh memories. It is a pity that human beings are a forgetful species or selectively hide those dark memories. After all, it is painful, and you don't even need to feel the same. Just seeing it is enough to feel uncomfortable.

There is a beam of light torn apart by two female police detectives in the film. What about the real world? Is late justice still justice? who knows?


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