How to make up for mistakes

Josie 2022-10-06 19:22:12

In the first shot, the female protagonist Mary is sitting on the sofa wearing a blanket. The male police officer who came in later (the one who forced Mary to lie) asked me about the case from a down position, which made me feel uncomfortable.

It is cruel that several male police officers who recorded the confession repeatedly asked a girl who had just been injured to describe the murder process over and over again (several female victims taken over by the female police officers did not suffer such treatment)

The male policeman said, "At this time, we should be outside to protect people's safety, but we are wasting time with you here" Who is safe?

In addition to facing the suspicion of adoptive mothers (especially thin adoptive mothers), the blame and breakup of friends, the comments of colleagues at work and the online violence of strangers, Mary also has to face the prosecution of the police.

It is really only women who can truly sympathize with these women who have been victimized. I remember that India also made a movie based on a similar real rape case, and without exception, it was a female police officer who solved the case; so the seemingly indifferent attitude of the "Obama" police officer later Will provoke the anger of the female police officer Grace to say "Why can't you look at the victim's point of view? Just because he is a man? What if the victim was his siblings?"

The policewoman's handling of the case amazed me, and I couldn't help crying. The more I saw the back, the more I wanted to cry and the more depressed I became

Finally, I just want to know if Mary's friends came to apologize to her after they found out that Mary was wrongly sentenced?

May the world be at peace and every woman can be treated fairly and protected.

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