Muhammad 2022-10-31 07:29:48

The police are indifferent to rape crimes, the case handling efficiency is low, and the adoptive mother's malicious speculation about the child leads to the inference of guilt. In fact, the most terrifying thing is not the evil people, but the people who seem to be good for you.

The adoptive mother said she wanted Mary to be "a stable, successful person, away from the messy bureaucracy", after realizing that Mary might have been wronged on the show. The problem is that if she has the ability and a strong will to take care of Mary, she is qualified to say this. And in this case, all she did was avoid the problem and avoid her own trouble.

Conspiracy theories can be seen everywhere. Just like the Bao Yuming incident a few days ago, a reporter stigmatized a girl who was persecuted by acquitting a man in his thirties who raped a young girl. This superior attitude has nothing to do with gender, but lacks love education and care for humanity, trying to demean the weak with malicious intent and incite bystanders to improve themselves. In my opinion, this is the most shameful act.

Secondly, the attitude of the police reflects the attitude of the current society towards rape cases. I saw a comment under Weibo, "Rape is just a painful sexual intercourse." Of course, it doesn't stop there. Rape is not only physical harm, but also mental torture. The most common threat of rapists is to expose nude photos of their victims, and women are the most vulnerable to this threat. Because women are more educated to be chaste and keep themselves clean since childhood. At the same time, it is also educating others to despise women who do not love themselves. This deformed chain of contempt is that women are even more afraid to speak up. So people around them put colored filters on women who lost their virginity, and a little problem was magnified infinitely, causing Mary to be in a worse and worse situation.

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