Injustice sometimes, hope always

Emerson 2022-09-04 07:34:02

After watching six episodes in one go, I don't know if men feel the same as women. As a woman, these six episodes are angry, depressed, and helpless. There are many things that make me angry, the persecution and distrust of the two male police officers in 2008, the ridicule of all so-called friends and strangers, the victims venting their emotions on other police officers who sought the truth a year later and caught the real murderer, The defendant was forced to prove his innocence and pay a fine even though he was clearly victimized. Shameless people despised and attempted to violate the "problem girl". The most infuriated was the adoptive mother of the girl who was victimized in 2008 (the one who appeared first) to educate her. Workers are self-proclaimed, full of mouth I think I have experienced I know everything is right and good for you, that kind of "care and help" hurts more. Because of the perspective of God, even if you are angry, you can't say that the male police officer in 2008 is hateful. It's easy to be like this in real life. Sometimes we are too subjective. The police who are persistent and do their best to find and catch the real murderer are really handsome, especially the two female police officers! The song that female detective sings in episode 5 is very good. ♥ I hope that I will not assume or treat others with subjective impressions. I just finished watching this show today, it was great! The story is well told, the filming is good, and the little hope at the end is also good. That $500 and $150,000 in damages are so real. When people form an organization, and the organization is large enough, it becomes extremely difficult to admit mistakes. This is true for governments and enterprises. They may be afraid of affecting their image, reputation, prestige, etc. In short, it breaks trust and hurts people who once trusted it. . In the last episode, the aggressor tells about his first crime with many loopholes, but escaped the disaster, which makes him more confident. It was the time when Mary was wronged. Obviously, these injuries can be stopped at the beginning. I think the female police detective and I As a law enforcement officer, this sense of loss and remorse should be stronger, but Mary's last forgiveness and thanks are really powerful. Maybe there are still many abusers rampant, and many bad things happen every day, then we do it. Every effort and good deed can give a little help or hope. very nice! May hope always be with you and me.

(The psychological counselor is also very good. That little bit of counseling and that trust may also support Mary a little bit, and her last question is really good. This is probably not the last time I encounter injustice and harm. If I encounter injustice in the future What will I do? I think that even though the experience is different, some of the feelings of loss and abandonment are the same. I seem to be able to think about this question and come up with my answer.)

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