Stephan 2022-09-06 03:07:04

Although I don't understand the meaning of the title

But this drama really made me see how important a persevering police detective is to protecting the public interest. I remember Zhan Qingyun said that for a fairness or just a reparation or an apology, is it really worth being positive with an international group? Which old man Speaking of value, I want him to know the persistence and rights protection of Chinese consumers

How good would it have been if she had met those two female sheriffs. The reality is often crueler and that's how it seems that justice is so hard to come by. I admire Mary. She's still willing to face life. She's standing on the bridge. She wanted to jump down, but she was scared, turned around and squatted down. She had to say how much she didn't want to say when she was begging for her foster family. The fact was that she kept her friends away from her. Tears slipped out of my eyes again and again under the pressure of those two xxs and had to give in...

Thanks to so many righteous people here. Today, three years later, she made that phone call at the beach. She finally came back to life, finally dared to smile, dare to face life bravely, and got her long-cherished driver's license!

I am very envious of their families standing by your side without saying much to each other

The most important thing is that this is actually a real event, I just want to talk about qj's physical castration 8⃣️

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