Alexzander 2022-12-11 03:20:13

The heroine's sentence "Don't expect help from others, no one can help you, they will only make things worse. Maybe they just don't care enough." This is the case for the detective and the two adoptive mothers. At certain times I would think of the adoptive mother and the detective saying she was not normal, the detective forced her to admit that she called the false police, they were good or bad. But as soon as the adoptive mother saw the news, she contacted the police detective; the second adoptive mother prevented the heroine from reading the letters that slandered her; the confession of the police after they knew the truth made me feel that they are not bad people. There may really be no bad guys, no bad guys in every direction. As the heroine who entered from the first perspective, sometimes what she said made me think that she was not the person I thought she was. She rarely expresses her thoughts, and sometimes I guess her answer in my mind.

However, the ease and skill with which the detectives caught people also made him unbelievable. Maybe this echoes the theme again?

And as an audience, haven't I also wondered whether rape has nothing to do with it? When the detective was investigating, the victim who jumped off the balcony was so creepy that it was unbelievable, but she was the most believable at the hearing, and it was always true.

Maybe it's not that others are lying to you, but your own cognition is lying to you.

“I am scared…all of the time. Every minute of everyday. My friends try to help me but I have a hard time trusting people. I can’t sleep. Im in pain. I’ve lost weight. I’ve lost work. I’ve lost money. I have violent thoughts. I’ve never had violent thoughts before, even you think it’s just one night. Compared to all the oher minutes of my life. How could this short incident make a difference? But it does.”(creepy女发言)

“why did you pck me? What was I doing that made you wanna come for me? I’m so scared of doing it again. I don’t water my lawn anymore. I don’t read by the window. They say routines ake you vulnerable. So anything routine I just stopped doing. It’s made my world very small. And I still don’t feel safe. I think if I just know what it was, what I did. If I knew that one thing was, then I’d stopped doing it, and then maybe I could get my life back again.”(an old lady)

This play chooses two most typical ideas.

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