unbelievably real

Carmela 2022-12-29 06:31:05

Sister Merritt is the most impressive in my viewing experience. She is always weak and weak, and she is knocked down with a single blow, but she has clear and calm articulation and penetrating eyes. I remember her anxiousness when she was sitting and waiting for the saliva on the forensic cup to show her police card. I remember her regrets in the past when she and her partner Grace were playing cards overtime. I remember that she was chasing the suspect. After breaking away from the teachings of his own beliefs, he chooses to use alcohol to numb himself from the pain of empathy. Looking at her eyes, thinking that she is a kind and easy to come to your mother in your heart, so very wise. He is so harsh on the content of his work, and he is also extremely harsh on himself, accusing others of insufficient work in the softest and natural voice. Such a contrast has created an image of an extremely resolute heart.

It's very difficult to make a show that is very realistic, and every word of the film is unbelievably true.

Reality is terrifyingly real in even a few minutes of detail. In order not to go to court, the suspect's lawyer pretended to agree to give the password of the encrypted hard drive. However, after hearing that the police and the victim agreed to cancel the kidnapping complaint, they continued to think of a favorable argument. Merritt has always been concerned about tracking Ambow out of control to the point that she has no choice but to have sex with two strange men.

The truth is that there are not so many coincidences and a superhuman core character in the plot, and the whole event development is difficult. Merritt was extremely sensitive to get out of the car when he met a white car of the same model on the way home from work, so sensitive that the victim deeply doubted himself that any detail he heard from others was the reason why he was being targeted. , Grace will not be happy because there is any progress in forensics, but is even more angry at thinking about how to make breakthroughs faster to capture the suspect. Merritt listened to the interview of the suspect after the trial results. He was not happy but more Depressed to more people in the world who don't "stop".

The truth is not so "typical" in every scene. The victims Mary is sluggish in the face of inquiries, and Ender smiles from time to time and is calm. Suspects talk to them during rape and even offer gentlemanly care to give them a chance to hopefully escape.

I also want to talk about why they are so atypical, with many incomprehensible behaviors, their "out of control", the grandmother's reaction to the trauma is that she can only remember the voice, not any scene at all; Mary is constantly Flashbacks of traumatic memories lead to attention disorders caused by being unable to concentrate on the present; Ender pretends to be calm and positive and seeks all help around him to deceive himself. Such behavior makes people around them "feel" that they are not what they imagined, and that it is not the result they want. Not to mention the victim, can your own inner waves be so easily detected, and your defense mechanism in the face of trauma must be so "obvious"? I imagined the feeling of being stuck in a swamp, the more I struggled, the deeper the feeling of letting myself go and swallow it weakened. I felt a little urge to break free and I wanted to start taking action. With those weak thoughts, maybe something more out of control would be possible. "Rescue" what is now out of control.

Mary's eyes and the corners of her mouth always remind me of Alyssa, the heroine of the fucking world. Every step of the inquiry during her psychological counseling, the interaction between the counselor and her, is extremely real like mine. I have studied the scene of actual combat psychological counseling. She is too ordinary, but too real, her expression is not too tense, and she is ordinary enough to make people ignore the most terrifying thing in her life. She doesn't know how to protect her own interests and how to establish her own interpersonal defense mechanism. Her long-term lack of choice has made her lose this kind of thinking. She hasn't cried bitterly, but every single tearful scene is extremely heartbreaking. In the end, when faced with the compensation that could be doubled, she chose to start a new life within a certain limit with a fixed result.

This is a movie in which every detail is savoured and thoughtful enough, and the unfolding of a scene is enough to make people think deeply.

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