unbelievably perfect

Jean 2022-11-21 07:57:01

I'm very fortunate to see such a warm American drama #incredible# as the year of the rat is approaching and during the spread of the epidemic, yes! The American dramas in my impression are either scheming or desire or the pursuit of various human bottom lines. #Unbelievable# is supported by more than a dozen beautiful women, including two female directors, who support the rare warmth from the bottom of the heart in American society.

1. The second girl who was sexually assaulted in the play was the luckiest. She met a gentle policewoman with faith. She asked questions in a soft voice, professionally and comprehensively, and at the same time from the perspective of the victim. The heartfelt care and sympathy saves the victim a lot of embarrassment and humiliation, which makes it easier to open up. If the first little girl can meet her, life will definitely be very different. This is not something $150,000 can buy.

2. Men in American society are spoiled by their gender characteristics. They are generally careless bureaucrats and do not believe that others lack the ability to reason logically. As a result, several women in the play and real cases cannot successfully report the crime, and even cause damage to the first girl. irreparable damage for life. The two female police detectives did use their patience, delicacy and perseverance to peel from a pile of clueless traces of crime, and finally caught the gangster.

3. From the perspective of civilians, there are no people who want to be bad guys from the beginning, and there are no heroes. Those male detectives who are not bad hurt their victims and condone their criminals, making irreparable mistakes. There are also adoptive mothers who seem to be objectively suspicious and subjectively obstruct the truth, as well as the words, eyes, and words that seem to maintain justice around them, torturing and destroying the fragile heart of the girl Mary again and again. But it is precisely these ordinary female police detectives who, from the setbacks, from the piles of documents, from the day-to-day torment, survived through gritted teeth and caught the criminals. They are not heroes, because they are like ordinary people. Helpless and even bullied, but ordinary they have done heroic deeds, because they are as firm and brave as heroes and at the same time compassionate and compassionate as heroes.

4. The appearance of the two actors is exactly the opposite of the actual prototype body shape. To be honest, they are not beautiful in either the play or in reality, but as the plot progresses, they gradually exude a charming temperament. This kind of charm comes from self-confidence, firmness, intelligence, thoughtfulness, gentleness, and kindness. After seeing the prototype after watching the play, they all have these qualities, they are both soft and rigid, and extremely beautiful.

5. The film's meticulous research shows many problems: family, education, domestic violence, the system, and especially the state of the victim. Sexually assaulted victims are often the least valued among the criminal objects, because they have no obvious physical injuries. It hurts, but this drama shows us that even the luckiest second girl, who is mature and strong and has met a good police detective, is inevitably deeply injured and cannot heal for a long time.

6. There is one point that the United States is quite successful. If it is placed in China, it is estimated that it will reflect the issue of whether to report the case. However, it is clear that the education and social guidance of American teenagers are in place. Every injured woman chooses to report the case at the first time. The reason They all don't want criminals to harm other women, without any hesitation. Is this worth learning from Chinese women?

I have written so much, but I think this is a very perfect drama from a female perspective.

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