You're not me, you don't understand what I've been through

Glennie 2022-11-27 04:19:27

Are you lying? Was it raped or not, or you made up all this.

Before I saw the back, I might have thought it was like what my adoptive mother said, because I have experienced many foster families and experienced a lot, which made Mary have some psychological problems. She was afraid of loneliness and wanted to over-express herself. I was raped myself. The police routinely asked her about the incident over and over again. In exchange, if your daughter experienced this incident, would it make her recall the nightmares she did not want to recall again and again?

Immediately after, a series of cases with the same situation were discovered, and it was found that all of them seemed to be committed by the same person, taking pictures, tying their hands, letting the victims bathe, and even leaving no traces, until finally it was discovered that the latest victim in 2008 was Mary. The perpetrator finally said: "Actually, that time in Washington, I have left a lot of evidence, pubic hair, fluid, thinking they will come to the door the next day, but no, so I think it can continue to do so."

The police's neglect and a series of neglect have kept this person at ease. The most distressing thing is Mary. No one wants to believe her. After the local news reported her false case, the little sense of security that was left was gone. Cun, let her understand that no one wants to believe her, and everyone says they want to help her, is it true? Or pretend to show his kindness in a form instead of really paying for her? Every night that she couldn't sleep, she suddenly felt uneasy. She could have told her feelings, but this long-term independent lifestyle made her not want to tell anyone but herself without expressing her feelings. Can it be assumed that she is lying?

Empathy is only possible with the proper empathy, the show is based on the real, and the case itself is actually more real than the show. It's hard to imagine how many people would have been hurt if the two policewomen hadn't persevered until the end. The most impressive thing is that at the end of the trial process, the maximum sentence of 327 years was sentenced. At that moment, several victims had tears on their faces and raised the corners of their mouths. It was an expression of hope that he could face the future life again. Yes, they suffered, but at the same time they needed to get through it. As the psychological teacher who met Mary later said: This is the first time you have been misunderstood, but I believe this is definitely not the last time. That's what you need to get through. The truth is often there. The truth is actually not difficult, but according to everyone's thoughts, different colors will make the truth complicated. This is human beings, complex and contradictory.

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